Uniqool Engineering & Services Pte Ltd

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Name of Recipient:
Mr Xavier Tan

Founded by Mr Xavier Tan in 2016, Uniqool Engineering & Services Pte Ltd provides installation as well as maintenance for air conditioning and mechanical ventilating systems for corporate, industrial, construction areas and homes. Mr Tan’s foray into the industry began five years ago following in his father’s footsteps. In a short amount of time, he has managed to found a company with a managing team that boasts over 20 years of experience regarding brands, air conditioning maintenance and repair for both residential and commercial developments.

For residential sectors, Uniqool provides a full suite of air conditioning services to both public and private residences from HDB flats, condominiums and landed property. Their team is well-equipped to handle installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services for a wide variety of brands and environments.

For commercial sectors, Uniqool core competencies include the installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, design of air conditioning systems, testing and commissioning of units including variable refrigerant volume (VRV) and refrigerated chillers. All of these services are handled by project managers and engineers with sound training in ACMV design and installation to ensure good service and instill confidence in clients.

Prior to the success of today, Mr Tan recalls the gruelling challenges he had to face during the launch of his company. He candidly explains that it was almost a “one-man show” during the initial startup as circumstances forced him to juggle between the operational roles of driver, foreman and supervisor due to a lack of manpower. Besides covering the operational duties of Uniqool, Mr Tan also dedicated time to go through courses and interviews so that the company could qualify as a registered contractor under the Building Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA). Earning the BCA license allowed Mr Tan to serve procurement needs of government department, statutory bodies and other public sector organisation. Lastly he also acknowledged the pressure of having insufficient funds was another significant obstacle that the company had to overcome.

Uniqool prioritises their company motto “Ensuring satisfaction through quality service” above all else. Mr Tan further adds that customer satisfaction is their utmost priority and they ensure that every job is done to the highest and best service standards. All good leaders should lead by example, and Mr Tan takes the initiative to ensure that he exemplifies the company motto. Striving to be the best example in achieving customer satisfaction, he takes an active role working hand in hand with his staff holding internal morning meetings daily to understand working schedules and project status. More importantly, he visits projects on-site and takes the time to promptly attend to customer feedback. This gives his customers a direct line of communication with him and allows for a sincere and efficient response.

The working philosophy at Uniqool strongly emphasises a well-built reputation. It is thanks to the strong reputation that the company has managed to evolve and bloom rapidly after their initial start-up woes.

When asked for his business plans in five years, Mr Tan explains that locally, Uniqool is looking towards launching retail showrooms to reach out more effectively to his home consumers. Beyond local shores, he is ambitiously looking towards Myanmar to kick-start the company’s foray into regional markets, which could happen as soon as 2017.

With a goal-orientated leader who highly values a robust company culture, staff performance and customer satisfaction, it is evident that greater achievements lie ahead for Uniqool in the near future. If the company continues to pursue their endeavours with a positive drive and spirit, they will surely realise their potential in local, regional and global markets.

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