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Mr. Russell Chin

With the rising affluence of the modern Singaporean, many people are turning to interior designers to create the house of their dreams. But as more and more design firms rise to meet the demand, the essence of what interior design truly is has waned somewhat over the years.

Established in May 2013 by Mr. Russell Chin, Cyrus Creation was founded with the aim to return interior designing to its roots. Combining all the elements of interior design, renovation, and home styling, Cyrus Creations provides a one-stop solution for their clients, allowing them to have a fuss-free experience of designing their living spaces.

Speaking of his own roots, Russell shared with us his history with interior design, and how the idea for Cyrus Creation came about. He said, “Interior designing is my first job, and now, I have about twelve years of experience in the industry. I worked in many interior firms, but many firms out there only include services such as designing and renovation. For me, I believe an interior designer encompasses many roles in the entire process.”

“At Cyrus Creation, we take care of the whole process for our clients; we assist with concept development, coordinate and communicate with the owners, as well as the management and execution of the design. We will also provide home styling and furnishings as well. I believe that, as the designer is the one that has coordinated the color schemes of the space, they would know best what furniture and fabric would go well with it.”

“I decided to establish Cyrus Creation because I did not feel like I was doing what I want, and I want to go back to the roots of what interior design truly is. We have a vision to accomplish what the interior designer is supposed to do, and not just as a renovation service provider. With Cyrus Creation, I have full creative control of the entire project, and the freedom to do the styles that I want.”

To realize his creative vision, Russell painstakingly worked on his project showroom personally. “Every single thing in the showroom, I worked with the workers to build it. At the start, we had no branding. Instead, we focused on what we can do for our clients. Through my previous working experiences. I had existing contacts and relationships, and with word-of-mouth referrals, we started finding more and more business opportunities.”

Compared to other interior design firms, Russell feels that their one-stop services definitely differentiate themselves from them. “Most other design films, they don’t deliver a finished product, just the renovated barebones. By providing furnishing services, we deliver a finished product to our clients.”

“Also, we don’t do conventional. For example, although you usually see tiles in the bathroom, we have done projects where we used wood in our bathrooms. The materials we use are selected with the individual characteristics of our clients in mind. We stand from the owner’s standpoint, and deliver to them what suits them best.”

Now, a year after striking out with his own business, Russell shares with us what his entrepreneurial journey has taught him. “I think that to be an entrepreneur, it is not to go out with guns blazing on every front. It is about out performing standards, setting new benchmarks for the industry. To me, that is the real spirit of entrepreneurship.”

“To success in any industry, you must feel that you are not the best, so that you will strive to be the best. It is important not to be complacent, as that puts you in the comfort zone, where you can’t go further. Keep looking for new mountains to climb, new challenges to overcome.”

Looking ahead to the future, Russell concedes that he is happy with the current situation, and wishes to cultivate his team instead of expanding rapidly. He said, “Our focus is not to expand, but to grow a collective, which will deliver what we should deliver. To be honest, I am not here for the profit, we are just here to share ideals of how the job should be carried out.”

“We are all like-minded individuals who can deliver, and we aim to be a new wave. If we can achieve what we want to achieve, industry standards will change, and that is what we are hoping for.”

With fearlessness and passion in his craft, Russell has managed to establish Cyrus Creation as a revolutionary force in his industry. With his motto to always improve and challenge himself, and with him possessing a talented team harboring his same ideals, there is no doubt that there will be many years of success ahead for Cyrus Creation.

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