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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Kassandra Ng & Mr Jimmy Wang

Incorporated in 1996, Splendour Holidays Pte Ltd is a certified travel agent by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). Its business expertise includes inbound and outbound operations. Apart from this, their other services include arranging flights and accommodations as well as advising clients on travel arrangements.

As the director of Splendour Holidays, Kassandra Ng certainly is kept busy at work. She is constantly exploring new travel destinations and planning fresh tour itinerary before briefing her staff about the updates. Nevertheless, she would not have had it any other way. Apart from having prior experience in this field, Ms Ng’s main reason for choosing to venture into a business derived from her strong interest in tourism. When the opportunity came, she took it wholeheartedly. ” I wanted to give myself the chance to manage a company of my own.” She also admitted with a smile that she was overzealous and had no fear when she initially started the company.

Ms Ng shared some of the challenges she had to face in the first few years of operation. There was the matter of building the organisation from scratch as well as learning to manage the staff and the expectations that came along with it. The most difficult phase was perhaps keeping Splendour Holidays running during times of crisis such as the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and the SARS outbreak in 2003. Recent events also had an impact on the business. Ms Ng also mentioned about the recession, which comes and goes, affecting the number of staff they have in hand.

Despite these complexities, Ms Ng managed to overcome them by taking certain actions. One of them was to build good relations with their overseas operators who would help to be on the look for new itinerary. She also pushed to provide excellent customer services, explaining that she had cut down her cost by upgrading the team and leadership development for herself.

Having been in the industry for two decades, Splendour Holidays has come a long way from where they first started. For Ms Ng, celebrating their 20th anniversary was an accomplishment right on top of her list. Other achievements that she was proud of included having good relations with some larger companies, for incentive trips, which they continue to support annually. Individual clients have also shown their unwavering support; in fact, they would introduce new customers to Ms Ng, giving her the opportunity to increase her clientele.

When asked what sets Splendour Holidays apart from its competitors in the industry, Ms Ng pointed out that they specialised in customising tour packages according to the client’s requests. She also claimed that because of their superior services, it brought many regulars.

In Ms Ng’s opinion, their best form of motivation as travel agents always seem to come from their client’s compliments.  A greater sense of happiness is attained when their hard work to search for exotic locations and creating interesting travel itineraries results in satisfied customers. “I was inspired to build a company when I first started working. Working at Splendour Holidays fulfilled my inspiration and I will continue to build up the company to its best potential.”

Giving advice to potential entrepreneurs, Ms Ng stated that being in the tourism industry is challenging as many travel agents come and go, as well as having to deal with potential complexities arising from new online businesses. Nevertheless, good business owners would need to give themselves time to gain experiences, to stay abreast of the latest development, the expectation of the clients and in the industry to be successful.

Looking forward to the future, while Ms Ng did not mention any drastic plans for expansion, she did, however, have this to say. “The only thing that is constant is change, and we expect the company to be able to keep ahead with the requirements of the industry and staff expectations. I believe we need to work as a team to move ahead and grow stronger as a team.” With a passionate and formidable leader like Ms Kassandra Ng and the support by her new Partner, Mr Jimmy Wang; Ms Kassandra believes that Splendour could be doing better in the near future with both their experience in this industry.

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