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Mr. Ram Krishnan Pandey and Dr. Felicia Tan

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”

Ravishing India Holidays (RIH) brings the dream of exotic travelling around the Indian subcontinent to reality for all travellers. As their tagline goes, ‘because you deserve a break’ – the proficient team will personalise your travel itinerary according to your preferences, provide insider tips on the best deals and meals in the country and even have a local concierge accompany your travelling group throughout your trip. The team at RIH will manage every small detail – you just need to pack your bags and enjoy a stress-free holiday! Your local concierge will give you an insight into the local culture, traditions, provide authentic travel experiences only known to locals and ensure that your trip goes smoothly each and every step of the way.

With their signature packages revolving around their wildlife safaris, heritage extravagances, romantic destinations and family friendly packages – there is definitely something for everyone. RIH is the definitive safari specialist in India. Their wildlife itineraries provide a glamorous camping experience called, Glamping. Where travellers get a notion of living in a tent while enjoying the luxuries of a five-star hotel, complete with bathtubs, luxurious bathroom amenities and personal butler services. Apart from those, Ravishing India Holidays offer ‘pop-up’ itineraries that allow travellers to be a part of festive occasions in India, a truly once in a lifetime experience. Guests will find themselves partying with locals and playing with multi-coloured powders during Holi festival, watching Hindu rituals in the Golden Temple Amritsar followed by fireworks during Deepavali or donning traditional headgear, costumes and dancing with the tribes of Nagaland during Hornbill Festival. Travelling has never been more fun!

Ms Felicia came up with this ingenious idea and established it into a business in 2015. During her first wildlife safari trip to India, she got acquainted with Mr Ram Krishnan Pandey, who was the Naturalist & ranger who took her on a safari to spot the elusive Bengal Tiger. Together, they established Ravishing India Holidays – a travel concierge while on tour in India helps to enable smoother tour operations.

The company runs its business on a tight schedule on a day-to-day basis with Felicia overseeing the overall running of her business activities as well as attending to email inquiries and conducting twice daily debriefs via Facetime from the Singapore office. Over in the India office located in Ranthambhore National Park, the staff sees to overall bookings, city transfers, organising guides and activities, crafting bespoke experiences for guests and being outstation in any part of India with guests. Despite being in the industry for a short while, Ravishing India Holidays has managed to gain great recognition, both in the travel industry as well among travellers.

The greatest challenge was to gain a breakthrough with the general public’s misconceptions about India. There are a lot of myth and negative impressions surrounding India, which was why Ravishing India had to dissipate such perceptions of tourists. They were able to overcome this issue by drawing their attention to photographs of places in India that depicted the beauty of the country as well as the enchanting travel experience there. Once that was achieved, word-of-mouth went around about both their company and India. Today, Ravishing India Holidays holds a strong clientele who would always return with great feedbacks of their exquisite travel experiences, gastronomic encounters and the unsurpassed natural beauty of the India.

In recent times, with the escalating trend of ecotourism, Ravishing India Holidays has incorporated yet another enthralling package into their itinerary. They introduced the “Junior Ranger Club” designed to get the children involved with the wildlife. This helps to inculcate the appreciation and importance of wildlife conservation at a young age. Additionally, it gives them the option to give back to the community.

Ravishing India Holidays takes pride in their hand picked concierges. They believe that it is very important to have the right person to guide their tourists throughout their stay. The concierge, as they aptly described, serves as an ambassador of India. Itineraries are never fixed at Ravishing India; it is always changing so as to allow diversified travel experiences catered to the individual.

While Ravishing India has really flourished, Felicia plans to branch out to Japan and Korea as well as start a unique local day city tours in various cities around India. With all that achieved, Felicia shared with us what it takes to be successful in any industry. Hard work and passion goes hand in hand and keeps one moving forward when the going gets tough. On top of that, she believes that adding a personal touch to the business and its clients goes a long way. Her mantra is that a businessperson should be attentive and timely, not sloppy. Lastly, Felicia believes that self-motivation has helped her to sustain her business throughout. With the support of her Indian counterpart Mr RK Pandey and their excellent team of concierge, Ravishing India Holidays is definitely headed towards success.

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