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Name of Recipient: Eddy Neo

With the rapid advancement of technology, it has become a part of almost every aspect of our lives these days, this includes within businesses as well. While the development of I.T has created a massive platform for online businesses, it is also important to engage the right I.T service provider to help elevate your business. Web Global Pte Ltd focuses on web and app services for online businesses. They specialise in customising Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) packages, social media marketing, design and marketing services and many more. Navigating your online business becomes easier under the expertise of Web Global.

Incorporated in 2015 by Eddy Neo, Web Global started off with just two employees on board with a mission; to create a tightly bonded global community that is based online which is as strong as a spider’s web. Hence, the name ‘Web’ Global was conceived from that thought. They saw the rising demand for I.T based services amongst Singaporeans as an opportunity to start a business in this trade. As living in a fast-paced society results in a tighter schedule, they decided to start a business that helps Singaporeans to save some time while building their income simultaneously. In hopes that through their services, it would free up some time for them to spend it with their families instead. Keeping this thoughtful vision in mind, Eddy and Jonas combined their field of expertise; one in business operations while the other in I.T, and began their business journey through the setting up of Web Global Pte Ltd.

The piecing up of Web Global was not an easily accomplished task, there were some challenges that they encountered. Like most businesses, funding is one of the core fundamentals needed to build a strong business base; they faced the challenge of obtaining funds during the initial period. Aside from that, they had to deal with insufficient manpower as well as ineffective operation systems during the beginning of Web Global’s inception. While overcoming these challenges may seem like an uphill battle, both Eddy and Jonas did not give up. They combatted it by choosing to work with a smaller team instead and trained their staff to be skilful; creating a highly efficient team that would be able to handle all aspects of operations. That, in return, succeeded greatly. Today, they have efficaciously created a niche for Web Global within the I.T industry.

While Web Global has made its mark within its trade, they believe that it is the delivery of their outstanding customer service that keeps them distinguished from the other companies. They differ from the rest as they took the extra mile to do the necessary research and development in order to create an excellent customer service experience that extends to all aspects of their service, from their consultation up to after sales service and feedback.  

Offering exceptional service sure is rewarding for them. Eddy and Jonas shared that their proudest achievements to date are in fact the reviews and feedbacks of their extremely satisfied customers. While this may seem like a small achievement to most, at Web Global, they take pride in such feedbacks and treat them as daily victories that, pushes the team to excel further. Viewing their customer’s satisfaction as a driving factor definitely inspires them to keep improving and upgrading their services as well as expanding their business. Which is essentially what the business duo plans to do in the next few years to come. Web Global also desires to extend their services to our neighbouring countries, bringing more smiles to the faces of both their customers and employees.

The duo has definitely achieved great heights today through admirable leadership with integrity and honesty towards their business venture. This also sums up what entrepreneurship means to them. In their opinion, entrepreneurship is helping to build a better society whilst holding the respective characteristics closely. Apart from that, they also imparted their thoughts on what it takes for one to be successful in a business. They felt possessing patience, empathy and humility are qualities that an aspiring entrepreneur should adopt. These are also qualities that both Eddy and Jonas possess themselves. With their families and team of employees standing strong by their sides, keeping them motivated, Web Global Pte Ltd is certainly headed towards a brighter future; bringing everyone together through an online platform that even our next generation would be able to inherit.

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