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Singa TravelName of Recipient: Basheer Ahamed Mohamed Yusoof

Singa Travel & Tours Pte Ltd is a young travel management company that was set up in 2012, aiming to provide quality and personalised services at competitive prices for their consumers. These services include destination management where it provides ground handling services for both the individual traveller as well as those who come down in groups to attend various events from a business conference to sport competitions.

Additionally, their services cover visas and insurance, tours both inbound and outbound, as well as tours, hotel booking, air ticketing services and sightseeing tickets. It also conducts medical tourism that brings prospective patients from across the world with professional medical service providers in Singapore and India.

Senior Tour Executive, Basheer Ahamed Mohamed Yusoof had been in the travel and tourism industry for a long time; naturally, he continued to stay within this sector when he decided to venture out on his own. Starting a new company from scratch was certainly not easy when there were many other companies well-established in a highly competitive market.

More specifically, the challenge was to pool enough finances and to find the right place to set up their office. He had initially thought of building his first office near Mustafa but soon dismissed the idea as the area was in town, which not only meant crowded with competitors, but they would also have to counter the special tour packages they offered.

Nevertheless, with hard work and putting in hours of thought and consideration, Mr Basheer rose to these challenges to come with ways that would set them apart from their contenders. He did this by creating all his packages as holistically as possible. By specialising the tour packages, he had made Singa Travel & Tours stand out as they customise these tours according to the individual needs and requests of their customers. “We will listen to them to find out if there is something different that they would like to do while they are on their trip,” he shared.

Despite only joining the industry only two years ago, Singa Travel & Tours are pleased to mention that they are debt free. It also takes pride in their services, as Mr Basheer explains, “Service comes first, even though it might cost more. When you give the best service, the word will go around and ultimately, it will all pay off because clients will come back again, knowing that your services can be trusted.”

When asked what entrepreneurship meant to him, Mr Basheer explained that it was about being involved in the business you are in and working hard to establish the company. He advised those who have a passion for setting up their entrepreneurship, to be honest, and have integrity. “These are important traits that a successful business owner should have in running their business.”

With regards to the future of the business, Mr Basheer plans to have all his services, including transport, under one roof. He also revealed that the company is expanding in Malaysia as it would be much easier for the locals there and hopes to set up an agency in every major city. Furthermore, he expressed his expansion projects in other Asian countries including India, Thailand and the Philippines.

The success of Singa Travel & Tours would be nothing if it were not for the love and support from his family, who had motivated him to give them a better standard of living. He expressed his wish of passing the baton to his children some day. Having a strong belief in the word of mouth and giving quality services to their clients, it is an undeniable fact that these are a few of the reasons for Singa Travel & Tours’ success. With a capable and insightful leader like Mr Basheer Ahamed, there is no doubt that Singa Travel & Tours Pte Ltd will continue to strive and do well in the travel and tourism industry.

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