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Ms.Michelle Wong

There are few things in life which can match the charm and appeal of antique furniture. Paris Home LLP is a full-fledged online furniture store that specialises in the style of 19th century European culture. Adding their own modern twist, Paris Home recaptures the art of a different era and reintroduces them into today’s culture. Providing a range of modern French, Victorian and Baroque furnitures, each piece is intricately designed and custom built to add a touch of elegance to homes, cafes and boutiques.

Established in 2007, the company is the work of Ms Michelle Wong who is a fan of 19th century European artwork. Her appreciation for the rare and unique culture of that particular time period led her to redefine the old world charm and modernise it. Additionally, being a creative person herself, she made it customisable to her customers. They could now have their furniture tailored according to their preferences. “ A home should reflect the personality and values of the person”, she expressed, keeping that in mind, Michelle has successfully attained many such satisfied customers.

While it may seem like establishing a business was a piece of cake for Michelle, she had her fair share of hardship.  It was tough to single handedly start up a business and deal with suppliers as a young woman. Aside from that, being the first completely online furniture store in Singapore, Michelle had to make a breakthrough about the philosophy of tailor fitting; since it was new. Although Michelle managed to tackle these issues effectively, in recent times she encountered yet another impact to her business. Customers were beginning to expect more discounts as well as additional service, yet it did not dishearten her. Paris Home has always stood by their desire to provide their best while staying true to their motto, ‘Beautiful furniture, Beautifully Priced’.

Michelle chose to remain calm and strive through her obstacles. Instead, she took advantage of the low cost of rental and renovation to open two other shop outlets. Both of them selling home accessories, wallpapers as well as curtains. With these two shops in hand, added revenue was coming in. She then moved on to focussing on the designs that she was offering. Ensuring that they were better, she even incorporated additional features into them such as; USA imported hardware and micro technology leather. These steps helped to escalate her business and also differentiate her designs from the rest.

Staying different is crucial in a market full of competitors. However Michelle has no worries with that because her company stands differed through various ways. For starters, they are their own manufacturers, that alone gains immense credibility. Paris Home comprises of four partners, all four are fluent in Arabic, English, Bahasa, Korean, Mandarin and Tagalog as well. Having a team of linguistically talented partners opens doors of opportunities for them to communicate with people from all over the world. In line with staying distinguished amongst their competitors, their structured daily social media updates featuring both past and present furniture designs through online platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, definitely helps to keep them at the top.

The qualities that outshine them from their competitors certainly did pay off. Michelle shared some of her proudest achievements to date. Getting a half page feature in the local newspaper, The Straits Times, was definitely the cream of the crop. Apart from that, Paris Home has worked with big banners and luxury brands such as; Jean-Philippe Darcis Café at Marina Bay Sands, Lady Gaga’s Singapore tour, L’Oreal, Agnes and Chloe.

Achieving a heap of success today makes one wonder what their future plans would be. Michelle expressed her thought on aiming to expand to Brisbane and Manila in the next five years. Hoping to create a department specially catering to European style of interior design and renovation. It would take double the effort and hard work to achieve that in due time. Aside from that, Michelle disclosed her biggest source of motivation were her family; who kept her going at all times. They were the positive influence in her life that helped to keep her calm in her toughest times. Standing by her, their strength as a family allowed her to make bigger dreams come true. Michelle was not just blessed with family support; her customers gave her a great sense of motivation too. They would always come back or send photographs of the outcome of their homes after engaging Paris Home’s services. Seeing her work in those photographs makes her want to do better and appreciate what she has started.

Looking back at the heights that she has brought her company to, it sure does take a lot to be an entrepreneur. According to Michelle, entrepreneurship means being able to make an impact and improve the lives of people. It is ensuring that the work and time invested, is not going to waste. Taking up the challenge to be an entrepreneur is not a walk in the park. Michelle shared some tips for any aspiring business owners. It is of utmost importance to be able to be flexible, zealous and prepared to work longer hours than the rest. One should have the desire to help other business flourish and grow, keeping all this in check, success would be inevitable. Michelle truly is a woman of substance, being the enterprising woman that she is, there is no doubt that abundance of success is just around the corner for her.


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