Premier One Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient: Mr. Hubert Jiang

Beginning in 1995, Premier One Pte Ltd holds an extensive history in the car works industry. Formerly known as Premier Sound Trading, the company dealt with mainly car accessories and radio systems. In the year 2000, they expanded their services to cater upholstery works for vehicle seats. On top of that, Premier One also provides repair and servicing as well as support for various car dealers. With a strong and dedicated team of 20 employees, the company has risen to become one of the top players within its sector.

Currently owned and managed by Mr. Hubert Jiang, he disclosed that Premier One was founded by his father and was later handed over to him in 2014. At the tender age of 24, Hubert had to quickly learn the ropes of the business. Furthermore, being in this particular market is highly competitive, resulting in more struggles for the young businessman. Reflecting on the obstacles he encountered, Hubert shared, “There were many rules and regulations to adhere to and it is difficult for a new generation to enter. Moreover, it is an ever-changing industry, where we have to constantly keep up with new trends.”

When asked if there were any recent events that impacted his business, Hubert mentioned that the upholstery business saw a stark decline. For the last few years, it was observed that people are turning to purchase brand new cars. Thus, not many car users would be willing to fork out additional money to change the material of their seats. “Normally, people will come to us for upholstery works for second-hand cars as they are usually more worn out,” said Hubert. On a brighter note, he also noted that offering repair and servicing services have boosted the company’s profits.

For every enterprise, there are bound to be challenges and it is crucial for one to handle them appropriately. Despite being new to running a business, Hubert is fast to adapt to the modern trends of the market and make changes strategically. Despite the company’s success, he strongly feels that they still have a wide room for improvement. Hence, Hubert continually emphasizes on making greater progress and creating a more contemporary business approach. His commitment and determination is evident as Premier One reaches greater milestones. In fact, Hubert marks the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award as one of their proudest achievements thus far.

While there may be plenty of competitors out there, Hubert expressed that the company is very much different from the rest. He stressed that the team at Premier One are ‘problem solvers’ and are unlike the other industry players who ‘work by the book’. More than that, they are zealous in their work and strive to provide the best solutions to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. Armed with such a devoted team and directors who are passionate about Premier One, there is no doubt that the company well deserves their success today.

Over the next couple of years, Hubert is planning to incorporate more innovative technology with their services. As cars become more technology reliant, it is critical for them to continue updating themselves with the current trends. Hubert is also working on the implementation of the Enterprise Resource Planning System, which will help increase productivity at work.

In just a short span of two years, Hubert has experienced a series of ups and downs with Premier One. For Hubert, entrepreneurship means taking huge responsibilities and having to constantly learn. His father, whom he cites as his primary source of motivation and inspiration, has always been the pillar of support for him. Throughout the years, Hubert’s father has given him countless advice as he watched and learned from him. As a parting message, Hubert strongly believes that a successful businessperson should have the ‘3 Cs’ – Compassion, Creativity and Charisma. Ultimately, it boils down to having remarkable leadership skills.

Managing a business at a young age may seem tough but Hubert has defeated the odds and proved that one’s age is not an issue when you are capable. We are confident that Premier One will continue to achieve more in their future endeavours.


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