Blastserve Singapore Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Vincent John

If together, nothing is impossible. If divided, all will fall. At the end of the day, success is about teamwork and partnership and Mr Vincent John and Mr Jolly Lonappan will be proving that by working together. Initiated in 2010, Blastserve Singapore is a fledging company turned into realization under the partnership of both Mr John and Mr Lonappan.

Blastserve Singapore – indicating the company’s motive for its existence; to serve the society, is a company expertise in surface preparation and protective coatings for the shipping, oil and gas industry. Blastserve Singapore also manufactures and wholesale blasting and spray painting apparatuses, along with a range of safety products as a safeguard to prevent accidents. As Mr John elucidated: “Blastserve Singapore is a subsidary for Blastline Group of companies. We also act as a distributor in the entire Asia market.” Being in the industry for more than a decade, both men have heaps of experience in the line. Starting out an entrepreneurship journey encircling around their adeptness is a cinch. Said Mr John: “Personally, i have been in the industry for more than 13 years, along with Mr Lonappan’s expansive experience, it gives us full confidence in starting our business.”

Competition is deemed as a sin. However, it also separates the men from the boys. “When Blastserve first commenced, we were faced with a competition problem, as we were still new.” Mr John ruminated upon the hitches Blastserve Singapore was facing at its start. Nevertheless, the impervious partners did not throw in the towel and began working on the problem tenaciously. “We understand that customers desire for good quality products. We have confidence in our products as they are all manufactured in countries such as the United States and European countries.” Mr Lonappan added. As leaders of the company, being sanguine about Blastserve Singapore’s range of products brings success one step closer into the palms of Mr John and Mr Lonappan. “We are very assertive about our quality control, and we believe this gives confidence to clients as well.” Mr John continued.

Being able to triumph over the competition means that Blastserve Singapore is a company made of mettle; one that could not easily be decimated. This proficiency shows prominently when one sees that Blastserve Singapore is a company built upon multitudes of experience and its proffering of quality products. Thus, Blastserve Singapore’s fortitude makes discriminating itself from its competition effortless. Attributable to this fact, Blastserve Singapore had managed to establish a prolific number of clients since its commencement. “We have establish a number of clients within this short term of establishment and we are growing very fast. I believe success in on the way for us.” Mr Lonappan regarded with euphoria.

When asked on his perception on entrepreneurship, Mr John gave a succinct reply: “That’s something i wanted to find out.” a discerning Mr John went on to add: “Well, i believe more time is needed for me to truly define the real definition of entrepreneurship as i only had been an entrepreneur for such a short time. I should not get too cocky and try to change the iteration of entrepreneurship itself.” Mr Lonappan rejoined as well: “I certainly think so as well. It’s too unfair for the wide network of entrepreneurs around the globe if we were to give a curt opinion based on our brief experience as entrepreneurs.” Nonetheless, this question shall be fulfilled as success is advent for Blastserve Singapore.

It is rare to find a business partner who is selfless. If you are lucky, it happens once in a lifetime. Mr John and Mr Lonappan are the luckiest men on Earth; being able to have each other as business partners, being able work with each other in cohesion. As Mr John puts into words: “My constant source of motivation is always my partner, Mr Lonappan. He is in the industry for 25 years, and is an endless source of knowledge and experience for me.” Mr John proceed to laud Mr Lonappan: “He has put in a lot of effort in this company and we won’t be here today if not for him.” Mr Lonappan also commended his partner: “I am certainly glad to work with Vincent, an enduring partner with a high caliber in business acumens.”

“Nothing would ever come true if you do not work for it. So yes, i believe hard work is important in order for an entrepreneur to succeed. Certainly, you also need to have patience, with clients, your staffs, things and people around you.” Mr John advised on the makings of a successful entrepreneur. ”They make up to your business’s success. As entrepreneurship is all about serving customers, always possess the mindset that customers are always right.”

“Starting a business in Singapore is not easy as there are competition.” Mr John noted on the acute competition which are rife in the entrepreneurial world. With a small span of land at just 268 square miles, competition is everywhere. Mr John continued: “If you want to start your business, you should never give up despite how hard things are.”

“Yes, we are already looking at expansion.” Mr John commented when asked if Blastserve Singapore has any plans for expansion in the pipelines. It is no surprise, when one considers the preeminence for the company; an expansion would proliferate Blastserve in profusions. Mr Lonappan then draw to a close: “We believe by getting the SOE 2011 award, it will help us as we grow; motivating us to do better along the way.”

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11 Pioneer Road North #01-67
T| 6221 0688


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