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Rhiss Interior

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Eddie Yeo & Ms. Wincy Tang

Established in 2007, Rhiss Interior Pte Ltd is an award-winning design company that caters to both residential and commercial projects. Over the years, the design firm has created numerous functional residential, business and conceptual spaces. These projects include several restaurants, bars and shops. However, their focus is towards residential works, with most of their clients being repeat customers or from referrals.

As the founders of Rhiss Interior, Mr Eddie Yeo and Ms Wincy Tang came from different backgrounds before deciding to join forces to launch their business. Having studied interior designing at Laselle, Ms Tang has 16 years of experience in the industry. Mr Yeo on the other hand has been in the field for over 20 years, he saw this as an opportunity to increase his income.

It certainly was not easy when both business partners first entered the industry. They were entering a competitive market and had to start by reaching out to clients through direct marketing. Aside from that, getting used to the local culture here was tough. As Ms Tang came from Hong Kong, there was a difference in the way that designers were perceived; locally they were seen more as contractors.

While adapting to the culture took awhile, economical event impacted their business significantly as well. The constant change in the lifestyle and taste preferences over the past five years resulted in a fluctuating economy for the interior designing industry. However, they were able to pull through because of their supportive customers, who would always return.

Overcoming their hindrance did not just end there; they made certain bold decisions to combat their issue. One of them was choosing not to invest in marketing nor participating in fairs. Even though it meant that they would be considered ‘low profile’ compared to other interior designers, it allowed them to have more time to lie low and study the current trends in the market to come up with new designs. They helped each other and worked closely to overcome their difficulties, never once throwing in the towel. They chose to see failure as an opportunity to learn and keeping that in mind helped them to make better decisions later on.

Having been in the business for nine years now, Rhiss Interior has made a name for itself, setting themselves apart from their competitors in the industry. Mr Yeo and Ms Tang pointed out that what makes them different is that they are discovering new furnishings and materials on a regular basis. They also surprise their clients by daring to try unconventional designs. “After all, customers want their homes to stand out!” they reasoned.

When asked what the future holds for Rhiss Interior, both business owners replied that they would not be making any big moves. However, they mentioned they had recently taken over the ownership of their current shop house. Additionally, they would be following the trends closely, implementing more software and undergoing training to stay updated with the latest technology.

Looking back on their achievements, receiving the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise Award for the third time is one that certainly stands out, a clear testament to their status as a quality company providing excellent services. They had also previously mentioned that they wanted to work hard on creating bonds between their staffs and themselves, which they have done so successfully.

In their opinion, there are some key qualities required for anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur. One should always have the desire to learn more and be willing to face challenges head on without calling it quits. As businesspeople in the industry, being sincere and punctual with all customers are characteristics that are important to exhibit.

In the end, both Mr Eddie Yeo and Ms Wincy Tang share the same passion for their work. They both agreed that the love for the business together with their determination to take on new challenges were the main reasons for their success. Rhiss Interior Pte Ltd is reaping the fruits of their labour and will continue to do so, making its future bright and prosperous.


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