Miracles Design Consultants Pte Ltd

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Name of Recipient: Mr. Wayne Phan

Incorporated in 2012, Miracles Design Consultants Pte Ltd is the brainchild of 41-year-old, Mr. Wayne Phan. Located at Ubi Crescent, the company specializes in commercial interior design and project management. They provide one-stop solutions for corporate interior services, including consultation, design and renovation. At Miracles Design Consultants, they are highly committed to deliver their tasks on time and within the planned budgets of their clients. At the same time, they strive to maintain top-notch standards for every project that they take charge.

With years of experience under his belt, Mr. Phan’s decision to form his own company did not come as a surprise. Prior to the establishment of Miracles Design Consultants, Mr. Phan spent numerous years in various engineering, renovation and interior design firms. As an employee, he expressed that he did not have the freedom to make decisions on his own. Moreover, his tight schedules often disallowed him to have time for himself, much less for his family. Armed with extensive knowledge in this field, Mr. Phan strongly felt that it was his calling to become an entrepreneur.

Starting a new business is never an easy task. When Miracles Design Consultants first entered the market, they were bombarded with challenges that they needed to overcome. Mr. Phan mentioned that one of the toughest obstacles was to convince his clients whom he had previously served, to trust his services under his new brand name. He added, “My customers were skeptical as they did not know if I would still deliver the same quality of work and at the same price. It took me a lot of effort to assure them that we will provide our services at exceptional standards.”

Many of the company’s clients include multinational corporations such as banks. As a result, they must be confident in the company’s capability before making any agreements. In an attempt to prove his credibility, Mr. Phan spent a period of time searching for skilled individuals who are suited to work in his team. On top of that, Miracles Design Consultants only partnered with subcontractors and vendors who have been working with Mr. Phan for the past 10 years. In certain circumstances, they would even go the extra mile to purchase furniture and stationery for their customers as a value-added service.

With Mr. Phan and his team’s great commitment to the company, Miracles Design Consultants eventually gained recognition throughout the industry, making them one of the leading companies in the corporate interior sector. As Mr. Phan recalled all that the company has been through, he said, “Things always happen for a reason. When you encounter problems, face it with a calm mind. If you can’t fix it, replace it.” He then added that it is important to not let one get too emotional when facing undesirable circumstances, as it will not help the situation. To him, he strongly believes that rough times will not last, so long as you are patient.

When asked how Miracles Design Consultants is different from the rest of its competitors, Mr. Phan emphasized that they place integrity as their core value. They are always transparent with their customers, delivering to them whatever they deserve and not shortchanging them. At Miracles Design Consultants, they highly respect the relationship they have with their clients, subcontractors and vendors. “I know of some companies who treat their subcontractors and vendors like third-class workers. We depend on each other for our rice bowl. Hence, I would always remind my employees to act professionally,” said Mr. Phan.

For Mr. Phan, having a business is not all about making profits. In fact, he is contented as long as the business is sustainable and his staffs are well cared for. He elaborated, “I do not intend to become too ambitious as it will create a stressful working environment. I hope for my employees to come to work happily. Whenever possible, I will reward them with travel opportunities, bonuses and time to relax. From time to time, I will also encourage them to upgrade themselves by attending various training courses. All in all, the welfare of my team is my priority.”

Entrepreneurship has been an enriching experience for Mr. Phan thus far, giving him the ability to achieve things that he was not able to when he was just an employee. Above all, it gave him the freedom to pursue other things in life while being financially independent. Like the company’s name, ‘Miracles Design Consultants’, Mr. Phan hopes to bring out the same positivity in his workplace, conveying to others that ‘miracles can happen if you believe’.

From an employee to an entrepreneur, Mr. Phan’s story is certainly commendable. With him leading the team at Miracles Design Consultants Pte Ltd, it is clear that the company will continue to thrive.

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