Med Travel Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Anushka Amunugama

The profession of Med Travel Pte Ltd is unique, as they specialize in aiding overseas medical patients transfer to Singapore to seek further treatment. Established in 2012 by Mr. Anushka Amunugama, the company holds an outstanding record, having helped over 800 overseas patients. In more than 95% of the cases they handled, the patients were able to be successfully treated as Med Travel guided them throughout the entire process, including sitting in during consultation with medical specialists and spending long hours overseeing procedures in operating theatres.

Another area that Med Travel undertakes is the organization of activities for both the patient and their family members. The company takes responsibility in arranging for accommodation, transfers, tours and other exclusive family entertainment. While doing so, Med Travel has never lost its focus on being reliable consultant, who listens and understands the requirements of the patients under their care.

However, the success that Med Travel has enjoyed thus far, did not come easily. Mr. Anushka, who holds the position as the Managing Director of the company, had to deal with several business challenges. Due to the fact that Med Travel has to compete against prominent states such as Korea, Germany and United States of America, he had to ensure that the company is well-equipped. Mr. Anushka added that during the time when Med Travel was first introduced, it was difficult to convince patients to trust their services as they were fresh in the market. Additionally, taking care of patients require much time, effort and advanced technology, which adds up to be a demanding job.

Through word-of-mouth communication, Med Travel gradually built a solid reputation for itself through its remarkable service. As a result, the company saw a steady increase in the number of customers approaching them to engage their services. Having a large amount of referrals from previous and existing customers speaks volume, as it goes to show that Med Travel’s offerings are unparalleled.

Mr. Anushka elaborated on Med Travel’s achievement with gusto, “We started from scratch, where we established our business with no marketing involved. Right now, I am proud to say that we have done an exceptional job these years as many of our customers are extremely satisfied with our services. As such, many of them return for Med Travel’s services as well as recommended us to their family or friends.”

According to Mr. Anushka, many of his clients have shared that they still prefer to engage Med Travel, regardless of cost, as they are capable of providing professional care and exhibits genuine love for their customers. With that being said, it clearly displays the strong trust and bond that Med Travel has moulded with their clients throughout the years.

With the desire to not let their customers down, Med Travel promises to do everything in their power to ensure their clients are feel safe and comfortable with them. Tapping on Mr. Anushka’s rich experience in a related field, the team at Med Travel is highly knowledgeable in what needs to be done, maintaining a great level of efficiency and productivity that sets them apart from other industry players.

Sharing his opinions on being a businessman, Mr. Anushka stated, “Entrepreneurship is a diverse word. It has a lot to do with being creative. Having the freedom to start a dream and having the freedom to dream is what entrepreneurship means to me.” He continued, “Personally, I view entrepreneurship as a platform whereby I can have uncountable opportunities to keep learning and updating myself with the latest technology.” Resultantly, it is the experiences gained throughout the learning process that greatly aids in improving everyone as a businessperson.

Mr. Anushka also gave his advice to aspiring individuals who intend to become successful entrepreneurs, “Observation plays a very important role in business. You have to first observe the situation and then proceed to listen and execute from there.” He emphasized on the importance for businessmen to absorb the suggestions given by various people, be it clients or employees and take actions accordingly. To Mr. Anushka, an entrepreneur who is able to plan and balance their time well is bound to savor success one day.

Eager to grow and expand, Mr. Anushka has instilled many plans in the pipeline that will take place over the next few years. Some of which includes their intention to design a software, whereby it is able to summarize all medical history of each and every patient. The programme will enable Med Travel to retrieve information easily and quickly access the patient’s condition. To add on, it will be able to conduct research on different types of illnesses as well as update and follow up with patients even after they stop engaging with Med Travel. It is Mr. Anushka’s belief that they have to constantly improve to provide better services for their customers.

Lastly, one might wonder what keeps Mr. Anushka motivated to continue accumulating success. When quizzed, he remarked with enthusiasm, “My family members are the ones who are supporting me in every other way when I meet with obstacles. I hope to provide my children with a better life, hence I am more than willing to work hard to make that happen. Family has always been my main source of motivation and it will always stay that way.”

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