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Inaugurated in 2013, Sunstar Construction and Cleaning Services focuses on two individual business sectors. The first sector includes services regarding mechanical and electrical projects and other general construction works such as painting. As for the second sector, Sunstar provides cleaning and dishwashing services for restaurants as well as in condominiums. Their capable staff, exceptional services and commitment to quality has set them apart from their competitors in the market and has boosted their growth greatly.

The director of Sunstar, Mala, started this business because of her familiarity with the cleaning industry. Her parents owned a family-run cleaning company and she had helped out at the company in her youth, which allowed her to garner the relevant experience in cleaning. In terms of the construction industry, Mala also possesses some experience as she used to assist her parents in applying for contracts. She started her own business because she longed to build something for herself with her own effort. Her son suggested the name ‘Sunstar’.

A typical day at work for Mala includes ensuring that her staff are able to work at their assigned locations. If they are not able to make it for some reason, Mala will deploy replacements to take over their roles. Her meticulousness only indicates her devotion to Sunstar and her determination in making sure that the company is running smoothly.

However, it was inevitable that some obstacles would come Mala’s way when she first founded the company. Mala states that she faced manpower issues at the beginning. People were not willing to take up jobs in extensive labour or jobs that, according to them, were not perceived well in society. As a result, candidates could be unreliable at times. Mala also had to do most of the marketing work for Sunstar by herself. She performed cold calls and took up small projects to build the company’s reputation. In addition, she promoted Sunstar by spreading word of mouth. Mala’s tenacity and perserverance during troubled times is commendable.

Today, more and more people are becoming aware of Sunstar. The company has received invitations for new projects gained by referrals from previous clients. It is evident from Sunstar’s success now that Mala’s hard work has been fruitful. She is proof that one can overcome challenges and rise above them.

Sunstar’s growing client base can also be attributed to Sunstar’s unique services. Mala reveals that Sunstar is different from its competitors because it has a fast-replacement policy. If a worker does not show up, Sunstar will have a replacement ready in a short time so that clients do not have to worry about having their businesses disrupted. This displays Sunstar’s dedication to its customers’ satisfaction.

However, Mala remains humble about her well-deserved achievements. She feels that she is still growing in the work industry and states that there is not much to be proud of yet. Neverthless, Mala has just moved to a new office, and she feels more confident with her own office to operate in. She is glad that the company is stable enough that she can afford her own office space to branch out from.

Mala says that in order to be successful in the work industry, one must be confident and willing to take risks. It is also important not to be affected by negative comments, and to block naysayers out.

Mala receives a lot of support from her younger and elder son. Her younger son encourages her verbally while her older son provides financial support whenever he can. Mala adds that her good friends offer her well-wishes about her work, and her business partner provides her with guidance and helps out with the company’s contracts and contacts.

Mala envisions that in five years, Sunstar will hopefully have grown in size to become a recognized cleaning company. She believes that she has enough experience now to judge if potential hires are reliable or not. Mala also hopes that Sunstar will be able to branch out to other businesses, like launching new barber shops. Sunstar has given her the confidence to open other businesses and the courage to take risks.

Indeed, under the unwavering leadership of a diligent and courageous director, Sunstar Construction and Cleaning Services will surely continue to triumph for years to come.

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