Lighthouse Marine & Inspection Services Pte Ltd


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Mr. Tanjit Singh, Mr. Imran M. / Ms. Shrijana Shrestha

Lighthouse Marine & Inspection Services Pte Ltd is an independent surveying company providing a range of marine and cargo inspection services to its clients. Led by trio Mr. Tanjit Singh, Mr. Imran M and Ms. Shrijana Shrestha, the locally established company has been protecting the interests of their customers since their inception in 2012.

All three directors are experienced veterans in the industry. Having honed skills in their respective fields of expertise over many years they are well versed with the ins and outs of the trade. As such, the employees of Lighthouse Marine & Inspection Services are skilled professionals equipped with the necessary certifications and understanding of rules set by the industry’s regulatory bodies. From an initial headcount of just two staff, their team has since grown to comprise of 13 professional marine, cargo, bunker surveyors and engineers.

When the company was first established, it faced fierce competition from other industry players. Contending with existing competitors with established names, all three directors knew that they would have to build up a strong team in order to push through and overcome the challenge. In order to do so, employees of Lighthouse Marine & Inspection Services would need to have upstanding ethics and morals in addition to proficiency at their craft so as to excel at their role. Therefore, all potential hires at the company go through strict background checks and sign a code of ethics as well as work instructions to prevent any conflicts of interests.

Besides ensuring the integrity of their staff, the directors at Lighthouse Marine & Inspection Services differentiate their business by utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology to reduce the chances of human error. In addition, they pride themselves on being responsive. Continuous and prompt responses is a hallmark of the company thanks to a complete reporting system established for each job from start to finish. The strong emphasis on quality service through experienced and professional employees have ensured that the businesses stands strong against industry affecting events such as the oil price crash and increased chartering fee.

The directors at Lighthouse Marine & Inspection Services are especially proud of being able to engage their clients despite being relatively new to the industry. As a testament to the quality of their service, the company is accredited and recognized by local regulatory bodies such as the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) and Marine Port Authority (MPA). Full compliance with international rules and regulations are also observed, working with organizations like International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

Beyond working with international organizations, Lighthouse Marine & Inspection Services have also set their sights overseas. Over the next five years, there are plans in place to open new branches abroad. The company has recently embarked on a new project in Dubai and is looking into both regional and international expansions in Malaysia and Europe. Diversifying the businesses is also on the table, as the directors share they are also considering a foray into the petrol industry.

When offering advice to budding entrepreneurs, the directors of Lighthouse Marine & Inspection Services encourage having a strong plan which provides a clear direction for the project. This plan should have realistic benchmarks in place so as to accurately track objectives and progress towards business goals. Having proper forward planning ensures that the hard work that the entrepreneur puts in goes to the right places and is not wasted.

This practical and measured approach is ever-present in the way Lighthouse Marine & Inspection Services is operated. As directors, Tanjit, Imran and Shrijana view entrepreneurship as a way of incorporating the knowledge and skills picked up over the years and putting them into application. They find meaning and satisfaction in successfully running a business venture.

Built on integrity, professionalism and outstanding quality of service, it is no wonder that Lighthouse Marine & Inspection Services is making waves in the marine industry. Under the leadership of directors Tanjit, Imran and Shrijana, their ship will always be sailing towards success.

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