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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Lin Jin Hui

In a country like Singapore where it is constantly upgrading its landscape, the wide opportunity aspect for business in the building and construction industry is always on the rise. With it diversifying range of companies offering similar services in this trade, Tian Bao Builders Pte Ltd; also credited with BizSafe level three, caters the best services revolving around architecture, wet trade, plaster restoration and even tiling. Their services are extended to factories, commercial and industrial buildings as well as housing development board (HDB) flats.

Established in 2012, Mr Lin Jin Hui, 51, has raised his business to a significant height in a span of three years. Staying true to the meaning behind the name of his company, which means; always rising, Mr Lin has dedicated time and effort into bringing his company to the level that it is at today. However the hard work does not end there, the effort put into starting a business needs to be doubled in order to continue to sustain it. That is why Mr Lin’s daily routine is strenuous; it includes the hectic scheduling of the timings of all of his workers as well as making time to conduct meetings with all of his supervisors.

Despite the exhausting routine at work daily,  Mr Lin enjoys his job and finds fulfillment in it. He expressed his feelings on starting up a business in Singapore.  Having lived in China since he was 20 years old, he always kept a close eye on how businesses generally worked. He found that Singapore possessed a fairer business environment. That aroused a deeper interest in him to want to set up a business in Singapore. Realising that building and construction was a rising industry, he decided to venture into that trade.

Upon deciding to do so, Mr Lin came across a few glitches during the early phase of his business. Manpower was one of his drawbacks. Being in the building and construction industry, having a strong force of manpower is crucial. Without them, it would be difficult to carry out the execution of any architectural contracts. Besides that, he was also not able to gain enough business exposure to get clients in as well.

However, Mr Lin remained optimistic and did not let those challenges dishearten him. He then decided to expand his business scope so as to be able to bring more customers in. On top of that, he roped in a few of his friend from China to come over to Singapore to join him. Which in return, helped in building and strengthening his workforce team. His spontaneous decisions definitely helped to combat his obstacles and rise above them.

Raising his company to become outstanding in the industry marks the success of Mr Lin’s company. He shared that he believes in providing quality with quantity in his service. This is why his company stands different from its competitors. Along with that, he advocates being sincere and honest with his clients. That way customers would be able rest assured that they are entrusting their contract into the hands of the right people. To top it off, Tian Bao Builders Pte Ltd also meets all the standards of the Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS) of Singapore. Being able to meet those standards sets them apart from the many other companies within the same trade.

Setting his company apart from others is not the only achievement that he has attained. His proudest achievements till date were when he received big contracts for Temasek Polytechnic and One Canberra. While it may seem like Mr Lin has achieved it all, he still plans to continue to expand his business.

As a successful businessperson, he pointed out a few qualities that he felt were necessary in order to be successful. Hard work is definitely of utmost importance; on the other hand, having the right trust between the customers as well as employees, is important too. Form a strong communication base with the employees, learn to understand their needs and know what they can do. That way, it builds a better relationship between the employer and employee enabling a smoother business operation. If these factors are kept in mind along with the right investment of effort and determination, success would be around the corner. Mr Lin has demonstrated great diligence in managing his business successfully, with the capabilities he possess Tian Bao Builders Pte Ltd is headed for brighter times ahead.

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