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Mr. Harry Singh

Keeping Singapore free from pests is a crucial and thankless job. Besides being unsightly, pests such as mosquitos and rodents carry with them potential health hazards in the form of diseases such as Dengue and most recently, the Zika Virus. Killem Pest Pte Ltd is the first pest control company in Singapore accredited with the latest BCA L5 offering the best range of environmentally friendly services. They are well-equipped to manage a diverse variety of pest infestations. From residential areas to government and commercial properties, Killem Pest has experience in providing integrated pest management services to all areas both indoors and outdoors.

Mr. Harry Singh founded Killem Pest Ptd Ltd in 1991, adapting the name of his company from the term ‘Kill Them’. Prior to his return to Singapore, Harry had spent 20 years living in London, upon his return to Singapore he noticed a peculiar pattern. Singaporeans were subconsciously creating conditions for pests to breed through acts such as littering and poor housekeeping. He decided to set up a business seeking to get rid of pests and prevent them from breeding. Starting his business journey with only four employees on board, the company now employs 137 staff.

Building Killem Pest to greater heights did not come easy. Despite working with a top investment firm in London in his previous job, Harry found his passion in a different trade altogether. He explains that he always had a knack of chemistry, which allowed him to understand the various range of chemical products widely used in the pest control. Through a blend of passion, determination and hard work, Harry found a way to escalate the business to attain the achievements it has today. Yet amongst all these triumphs, he discloses that it is the employees who have stood by him for over 20 years which gives him the greatest sense of accomplishment.

However, like many startups, the beginning of Killem Pest inception was fraught with obstacles. The first was the lifestyle and culture change from Singapore to London. It was crucial for Harry to study and get acquainted with local market trends as well as understand how the business was carried out in Singapore. To further add to his woes, there were perpetual labour shortages in the industry. As Killem Pest strongly advocates for environmentally friendly chemicals, the company also has to dedicate resources to continuously keep up with the latest scientific research and understand each product that they use.

Harry shares that as advocates for environmentally friendly and least disruptive practices, the business has to keep up on trends to maintain their credibility and professionalism. He maintains that the company mission is twofold, one to create profits to drive the company forward, second to distinguish his company from others by educating and creating awareness about the importance of utilising low toxicity and target pest specific products when engaging pest services.

In a market with stiff competition, Killem Pest differentiates themselves with well trained staff certified with the National Environment Agency (NEA) pursuant to the Control of Vectors and Pesticides Act 1998.  Apart from that, Harry takes pride in the quality of service that they vouch to deliver. Ensuring that only genuine chemical products are being used and staying in line with their mission statement “Working in Harmony with the Environment”, Harry stands firm on making certain that all products are non-hazardous. This firm stance and belief in what they are doing while ensuring customer relationship management of the highest quality is what differentiates Killem Pest and puts them a step above their competitors.

When asked what were his future plans for the company, Harry expressed his intentions to branch out to Myanmar. He hopes to create awareness for the need of pest control services on a larger scale. Operating in a developing country with growing infrastructure presents a new set of challenges and opportunities for Killem Pest. Harry explains that he is simply aiming to continue providing the best services to eradicate pests in areas that need it the most.

For budding entrepreneurs, Harry stresses the importance of being sincere and honest to customers and employees. Killem Pest has always been upfront with their clients with their expectations and operate with transparency on their procedures and products they use. Not only does this create trust and fosters a good working relationship, but it helps to manage expectations and understanding from what both parties want out of the deal.

On a personal note, Harry explains that finding the right motivation has helped keep him focused on bettering his company and meeting his goals. The mindset of wanting to be the best in his trade, complemented by his determination to achieve the vision he had for his company was a potent combination in enabling him to achieve success with Killem Pest.

If you are looking for an effective solution to a pest problem that is not only powerful but also environmentally friendly with no side effects, look no further than Killem Pest Pte Ltd to ensure that the eradication of pests and potential health hazards that they bring are in good hands.


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