Tiancheng Electrical Marine Equipment Pte Ltd

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Mr. Li Tian Cheng / Ms. Anna Soh

Incorporated in 2011, Tiancheng Electrical Marine Equipment Pte Ltd is an innovative pioneer in the marine industry. They specialize in the design and manufacture of marine equipment such as winches, windlass, anchor pipe systems, post trenching and other related marine supplies. Some examples of the products they provide include electrical bow thrusters and propulsion systems, hydraulic and electrical winches, anchor windlass as well as marine crane systems.

Accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and bizSAFE level 3, Tiancheng is also recognized by the Bureau Veritas (BV) Singapore for meeting the required equipment standards. The company takes great pride in delivering products that are sturdy and of excellent quality. Hence, every equipment is tested internally and at times, inspected by marine classification societies. As a result, it establishes a firm foundation and outstanding reputation for their company.

Director, Mr. Li Tian Cheng, entered the marine sector with the desire to seek a challenging profession. After learning the ropes of the business, he then decided to venture out and establish a business of his own, focusing on designing and manufacturing of marine equipment with green environmentally-friendly technology in the marine offshore field. “I do not believe in giving up halfway. If you want to do it right, you have to do your best,” voiced Mr. Li.

At Tiancheng, they strive to give clients a satisfactory performance. Their team is made up of individuals who are professionals in their line of work and dedicated to achieve the company’s ultimate goal. One example that exhibits their commitment would be their efficiency. For example, if a client sends an urgent email or call to raise an issue, a group of professionals would immediately proceed to the work site to have the problem fixed as soon as possible. As some of their projects are situated overseas, it is imperative for them to carry their passports along with them all the time. This helps prevent any potential delays, giving them the ability to serve their clients regardless of the circumstances.

Like any other entrepreneur, Mr. Li met several obstacles that he had to overcome during his entrepreneurial journey. In the beginning, all they had was a tiny office space that was cramped with two tables. It was a shocking sight for many clients who visited their office then. As a newly founded company, it posed an undesirable image for them. Hence, Mr. Li worked tirelessly to gather sufficient funds for a larger work space. Although a bigger office unit means that Mr. Li would have to cough out a huge sum of money for rental and utility bills, he did not allow the capital threat to stop him from growing the company. Nevertheless, his efforts did pay off as Tiancheng’s pool of customers started to increase thereafter.

To date, Tiancheng has created a diversity of exclusive products that incorporates green technology. By doing so, it initiates environment efficiency, which helps to regulate harmful emissions in the marine offshore industry. While it is a significant achievement for the company, Mr. Li disagreed that it was his proudest business accomplishment. According to his definition of an achievement, he feels that the ability to receive positive testimonials from their clients is what keeps him in the highest spirits.

A thoughtful business owner, Mr. Li pays great attention to his employee’s welfare. Whenever possible, he would ask them for suggestions to improve and maintain an ideal staff managing system. He added that he sincerely respect and appreciate the work of every employee as they play a pivotal role in enhancing a corporation’s structure. “To be a leader, you must have exceptional leadership qualities. Instead of simply ordering employees around, guide them and manage them properly,” said Mr. Li.

On a personal note, Mr. Li shared that his church community has been giving him a lot of support and assistance, spurring him to excel and reach greater heights. Inspired after hearing multiple heartfelt stories and experiences, Mr. Li is confident that he will reach his goal in the course of time.

Within the next 5 years, Tiancheng does have ambitious plans for expansion. To Mr. Li, he sees the company as a family and with God’s blessings; he strives to contribute back to the society by offering more jobs to people. He periodically sources for university graduates for manpower management, as well as aiming to expand the company internationally to gain further positive recognitions for Tiancheng. “Always work for the best, eventually tough situations will always work out,” Mr. Li emphasized.

The success of Tiancheng Electrical Marine Equipment Pte Ltd is most definitely well earned. With the team’s burning passion and years of professional experience, it is evident that the company will continue to ace and reach greater things in the near future.


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