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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Kenneth Kang

Electrical wiring provides pathways for necessary power to be delivered to all sorts of home and office appliances which make our lives easier. It is crucial for such wiring to be installed properly and stand the test of time so as to minimise complications to the occupants. Tong De Electrical and Security Pte Ltd is a company specialising in the installation of electrical wiring and security alarm systems. Besides servicing residential and commercial areas, the company is also able to provide temporary electrical works for construction sites.

Set up in 2004 by Mr Kenneth Kang, Tong De has grown significantly from just two employees in the beginning to a team of 17 dedicated staff. Boasting over 11 years of experience in electrical services, Tong De is more than capable of servicing all your electrical wiring and security needs.

Kenneth’s story of success is a remarkable one. Coming from a humble background without any paper qualifications, he worked on a number of different jobs before acquiring a role in an electrical company. It was this moment which piqued his interest in electrical works and after embarking on a year long learning journey to learn all that he could about the trade. After he spotted a gap in the market for commercial security systems, Kenneth promptly seized the opportunity to turn his interest into a business.

Like many other startups, Tong De faced financial and manpower obstacles during their early days. For Kenneth, running his own business meant giving up a stable income at his previous job. This meant working on a tight budget as he dedicated his time into running the business, personally attending to jobs and even having to turn to his friends for accommodation. However, it paid off after 6 months of building his business and the company eventually stabilised to turn profits after a year.

Run as a sole proprietorship for most of its operation, Tong De has recently advanced to be incorporated as a private limited company, marking an important milestone in their history. Amongst the many achievements acquired thus far, Kenneth recalls his first big project; an office building at Mohd Sultan Road with over six blocks and four levels each. Executing this project smoothly gave him a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to take on bigger projects of similar scale.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Kenneth is intently studying the market in his plans to diversify and expand Tong De’s scope of operations. To this end, he has identified the smart home market as one which is growing and presents a good opportunity for the company to tap into as the product inherently requires electrical wiring expertise to complement its installation. Tong De is currently exploring and testing potential smart home products to be introduced to their range. Staff are also being trained to be proficient in handling the new equipment so that they may maintain the company’s quality, efficiency and speed in installation.

When asked for his opinion on what it takes to be successful in his industry, Kenneth points out that tolerance is of utmost importance. He explains that setting up a business requires patience with plenty of hard work before one is able to reap the fruits of their labour. Having a form of safety net against unforeseen circumstances also helps, such as instances where jobs are not paid on time. An individual must also possess the proper workmanship knowledge and skill to understand the operational level of their business before they can begin to manage it.

Ultimately, Kenneth explains that he has always possessed the internal drive to do well even from a young age. This motivation aided him in finding success against the odds despite being in Singapore where paper qualifications are heavily emphasised. With an enterprising director in Kenneth who has broken the mould and gone against the grain, Tong De Electrical and Security Pte Ltd looks set to continue their success in the years to come.


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