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Mr. Sam Ng

Living in a sunny island like Singapore, where the weather could get scorching hot at times, it is natural to want to rush home to switch on the air-con. Which is why keeping your air-con well maintained becomes essential. Here at J & S Aircon & Electrical, not only do they offer general air-con maintenance and repair but they also provide topping up of gas, chemical cleaning and even taking in used air-cons. Apart from being a comprehensive merchant for all kinds of aircon-related service, they even throw in a yearly maintenance contract for their customers.

This inventive idea to turn their service into a business was conceived by the teamwork of an industrious husband and wife in 2008. Mr Sam Ng and his wife conjointly ventured into this industry to try and create a niche for themselves. Hand in hand, they brought their company thus far in union. With the business blooming, they are busy beavers with their daily routine of scheduling their appointments and even going down with their workers for each assignment. Being such driven leaders, they are the perfect example of teamwork in companionship.

Apart from being a great support towards each other, they are a very receptive couple that is always open to learning more about the industry so as to further improve themselves as a company. In fact, Mr Ng shared that, having lived in Singapore for 16 years, he spent time to observe and learn about the market and their trends long enough to understand how it works before deciding to indulge in a business. While all the years of learning and hard work paid off well today, the couple had some stumbling blocks to overcome too.

Every business comes with their share of obstacles and Mr. and Mrs. Ng were no exception to it. During the early stages of their business they encountered difficulties in getting their clients to pay on time. Late payment from clients meant delaying their bill payments as well. Seeing that these late payments could possibly lead to financial issues, the urgency to rectify that issue was vital. Besides that, they realised that retaining their employees for labour work was tough. As it was hard to find potential employees that would be interested in this field, manpower became a problem. Mr Ng however, instantly came up with a solution to that. He decided to bring in some foreign workers from Myanmar and India. He felt that foreign employees were more willing to do labour work. By roping them in, he solved the problem of manpower without a hitch.

Having overcome the obstacles that came their way, they have gained recognition for themselves for pulling through it all due to their joint effort. In recent times, J & S Aircon & Electrical has achieved such great credibility that it has in return impacted their business in various positive ways.

While being credible brings one to the peak of success by default, it is also crucial that they remain distinguished from their competitors in order to sustain their position in the industry. The husband-wife duo described their company as one that works with integrity and honesty that they would ensure their service is delivered with quality. They believe in a job being done correctly and accurately. They stand apart from their competitors, as they do not over-promise anything that they may not be able to live up to wholly. By standing firm on their beliefs on how they wish to render their services to their customers, it is no wonder that they never have any unsatisfied customers.

Acquiring satisfied customers are indeed fulfilling, Mr. and Mrs. Ng credits their proudest achievement till date to their customers and their recommendations. Being able to have contented customers gives them a great sense of gratification.  In addition to that, they passed on some advice for ambitious entrepreneurs in order to be successful. One should sacrifice time and be prepared to invest long hours into the job. Along with that, one should have patience to see the business grow in time. Innovation goes a long way with any business, it is crucial to start a business that should offer something new and different, to have that one key factor that would distinguish your business from others.

While Mr. and Mrs. Ng have come a long way in their business venture, they do plan to expand and grow the company in the years to come. With such a united collaboration of dedicated individuals, we can expect more innovative services coming up.

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