Intertec Electrical Engineering



Name of Recipient:
Mr. Toh Kok Siong

Electricity is something required for everything to function in modern day Singapore. Whether they are basic needs such as lighting or the power up computers for either business or pleasure, no operation can run without electricity. For anyone who is need of professional, experienced and reliable electrical services, Intertec Electrical Engineering is a company to be considered.

Established in 2010 by Mr Toh Kok Siong, Intertec Electrical Engineering offers a range of electrical services for both commercial, industrial and residential clients. As an electrical specialist, Intertec Electrical Engineering’s services include networking points, servicing of water heaters, electrical re-wiring and installation, electrical design works, supplying of lighting and electrical accessories and other related electrical works.

As the founder of Intertec Electrical Engineering, Mr Toh was no stranger to the industry. He worked in various electrical companies before deciding to venture out and start a business of his own. Although he was an electrician for a long time, it took some time for him to start a new company on his own in the construction industry. With little capital and the lack of manpower, he knew that he had to be patient by starting small. It was certainly not easy going, but Mr Toh was determined to press on.

It is clear that his determination and perseverance paid off when asked what his proudest achievement was. He pointed out that wherever they go to provide their services, he knew that his clients were going to have a higher quality in every aspect of their life because of the work that he does.

Additionally, Mr Toh believes that providing the best service he possibly can as well as having a team of responsible staff are the key factors that makes his company different from their competitors within the industry.

These factors are also something that he credits to their well-earned success. Furthermore, there is more in store in Mr Toh’s future. He mentioned that he had already started a new company, “TKS Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd” as part of his expansion plans.

Looking back on his entrepreneurial journey, he shared what he had learnt as a business owner. He said, ” Entrepreneurship is about wanting to achieve something, to challenge and improve a current situation. It is about having a goal in mind and as an entrepreneur, it is important to know how to sustain your staff so that the business can continue to prosper.”

When asked what he would advise to young and potential entrepreneurs, Mr Toh replied that a businessperson needs to be sincere and would have to create and build trust with their clients for their business to grow. “If your customers trust you, they will find a way to come back to you. Therefore, all decision making must be made with the customers in mind at the forefront.”

Though Mr Toh Kok Siong has achieved much success from the time he started in 2010, it is evident that Intertec Electrical Engineering is eager to gain more success in the years to come. With his technical expertise and quality customer service, it with little doubt that it is possible to achieve their goals.

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