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Mr. Dave Chew

ID Gallery is an interior design company with a focus on renovations for residential homes from HDBs to condominiums and landed property. They also handle commercial projects such as aesthetic, dental and medical clinics to retail shops in shopping malls and warehouses in office buildings.

As the Creative Director and Senior Design Consultant respectively, siblings Dave and Rachel Chew have their work cut out for them. A typical working day starts off visiting job sites in the morning to oversee the progress of projects and decide what the next steps are. After which, they return to the office to fill up the necessary paperwork and quotations, as well as draft layouts and designs for their customers.

Throughout the entire process, they are there to give value-added services by providing sound advice and consultation for their clients, especially with regards to explaining the renovation process to them. By doing so, they feel that homeowners would be more confident in entrusting them to work on their homes.

What is interesting to note is that Dave was previously working in one of the biggest renovation companies in Singapore before deciding to set up his business. He has a keen interest in interior designing and takes satisfaction in fulfilling the needs of his customers. “Customers’ satisfaction is important to us because we have designed something according to their expectations. Once they like it and acknowledge it, that brings a great sense of achievement.”

Like all other interior design companies, ID Gallery has had their fair share of challenges with regards to the design of their showrooms as well as discrepancies in layouts and concepts. However, to the team, these are nothing more than “small matters” that can easily be overcome. “We work together as a family and as a team. We will bring it up for discussion and try to find the best solution which betters the team and company. We will go from there once we are all agreeable.”

Although there are other companies out there who lament that the market is not doing well, ID Gallery has been fortunate in the sense that they are not feeling the pinch compared to their competitors. This is not down to sheer luck, but rather the hard work put in by their staff. “Once we hand the clients over to them, they are very proactive and will follow up aggressively. They will not sit on it and not do anything about it and therefore their hard work does pay off.”

While ID Gallery acknowledges that their industry is highly competitive, the company manages to stand out from their competitors due to a combination of excellent services and quality workmanship.

As a company that pays regard to value-added services, it believes in the maxim, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” and this is certainly evident in the many outstanding reviews they have accumulated over the past year since its operation. Many of their clients praised ID Gallery for their diligence, professionalism and sincerity. These include notable clinics such as Fusion Dental and La Clinic. What also makes ID Gallery unique is clinching commercial projects such as dental clinics which are rare opportunities as they often involve a highly technical aspect and know-how of business-specific operations.

These proud achievements were made possible due to the close bond shared by the team. ID Gallery organises an outing for their staff once a month and these activities include paintball, cycling or even participating in a charity event. To Dave and Rachel, what they earn is what they would give back to society. Being involved in such ventures is what keeps them going, explaining that “at the end of the day, we don’t want to be like those big companies that only focus on earning money and more money.”

Perennially, entrepreneurship in Dave’s eyes is not about making profits – it is pointless to have a high volume of sales but have high turnover rates as well. On the contrary, it is about delivering to the customers but more importantly the employee. “It is them (the employee) who makes the whole company work together”, he says. The advice given to anyone who is interested in becoming a successful business owner is to be humble and understand the needs of their employees and clients.

Looking forward to the future, ID Gallery’s plans for expansion includes having additional showrooms in the different regions of Singapore. Concurrently, they also plan to train and grow their staff to be more competent and competitive in the market. With a capable and insightful leaders, it is without a doubt that the company has the potential for further growth and development in time to come.

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