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Mr.Ivan Khoo

Most target audience today tends to look for an A to Z solution when it comes to business related services especially within the engineering and technology industry. TQC Precision Engineering Pte Ltd is the one stop solution for their customers with its core business revolving around strategic commodity, supply chain management as well as modular assembly.  In addition to that, they also specialise in precision electro-mechanical contract manufacturing. With their present clients being from industries like data storage, semiconductor, oil and gas, automation and OEMs, they have a strong clientele.

Incorporated in 2006, Mr Ivan Khoo established TQC Precision Engineering Pte Ltd. Having studied precision engineering with over 30 years of experience in this industry, Mr Khoo and his partner decided to turn their years of expertise and knowledge into a business. Today, TQC Precision is at its peak within the industry bagging all the major companies, both locally and internationally, as their clients.

Working with big companies in the industry is definitely no walk in the park. A typical day at work comprises of attending to each and every inquiry from their clients as well as providing supply to the various industries. As they are the key vendors of their customers, they also have the responsibility of handling inquiries on the costing and operations daily to meet their customer’s delivery. TQC Precision Engineering is very prompt at delivering what they promise. In fact the name of the company is short for time, quality and cost.

While the daily routine is tough, TQC Precision did not have that much of a tough time setting up the company during the initial period. Having ventured into a business during his forties, after gaining all the years of experience, it was relatively easy to start up TQC Precision Engineering. The company begun by starting up a workshop followed by operations before indulging into its sales and marketing. Being in the industry for all these years brought great advantage to the company as they already had a team of trusted suppliers and a strong clientele, which meant that they had ready customers.

Having a strong group of customers following TQC Precision was more than an advantage. They were a great support during a recent event that impacted the business of TQC Precision as a company. During 2011, the water flood in Thailand had impacted the expansion of their then new company that was set up to be branched in Thailand. Despite incurring a little loss financially, the strong support of their clients helped the company to recover its loss and bounce back up.

TQC Precision Engineering distinguishes themselves in the industry as the company that is a one-stop solution to everything. However, aside from that, they are most gratified about their ability to pull through tough situations and always being able stay profitable. One such event was when the recession hit Singapore during the Lehman Brother Crisis in 2009. Their staff stood by each other and worked hard to pull through together making a substantial profit without any loss despite the economic situation.

With the success TQC Precision Engineering has seen today, they do not plan to stop at just that. In the years to come, TQC Precision Engineering aims to move towards automation. By bringing in a design and development team to provide designing solutions to help customers automate their products or build the machine. As an innovative business person, Ivan shared a few tips on how an aspiring entrepreneur could attain success. Having the right facilities to facilitate the business is vital. Along with that, a good organisational chart should be in place together with a team of professional staffs. One must be able to give their customers a sense of comfort while doing business with them.

Those useful tips may have contributed to the success of TQC Precision Engineering; however having the right motivation lends great support in raising a business too. Likewise, Ivan expressed that his source of motivation were his employees, most of which has stayed with the company for over eight years. Seeing their hard work and determination even during stressful periods, in addition to that, the turnover of his staffs are low too. It keeps him motivated to strive the company to greater heights. Staying true to the company’s vision “ Your engineering needs made possible by TQC Precision Engineering”, there is no doubt that they are headed for brighter horizons.

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