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Mr. Senthil Kumar

Vinstar Engineering Services Pte Ltd. is a company currently based in Singapore and Vietnam that deals with mechanical engineering, trading and oil and gas in the construction industry. The organisation also extends its expertise in engineering design, pressure vessels, tankage, piping and civil works and much more. Such services develop, sustain and enhance their position in the industry and bring support to the customers to meet the project requirements end users.

As the founder of Vinstar, Mr Senthil Kumar has over ten years of experience in this field, managing several tough job scopes in the past. It came to a point where he felt that the industry was lacking skilled individuals who were capable of performing specific tasks. Hence, he decided to set up Vinstar in 2013 to deliver quality services that other organisations may not be able to offer or provide.

The initial start up of the company was not easy for Mr Kumar. The young company faced many sceptical clients who doubted its credibility. There was also a problem of the lack of manpower and not having a large nor strong clientele. Nevertheless, it took several steps for Mr Kumar to overcome these difficulties. Firstly, he used his affiliations with reputable institutions such as the American Petroleum Institute (API), the American Welding Society (AWS) and the Singapore Welding Society (SWS) to help boost the company’s credibility.

Mr Kumar also made the ground-breaking decision to set up his other branch in Vietnam. His reason was that Vietnam’s oil and gas industry was not well established and therefore, did not affect them as much with regards to oil prices. Because of this, many projects were sent to Vietnam, helping the company significantly.

For the next few years, Mr Kumar has many plans for Vinstar. Firstly, Vinstar would be expanding to Malaysia and India in September this year. There would also be a new department to be set up which involves workplace safety and health training services overseas. The training would be based on Singapore’s standards but will be first established in Vietnam and will gradually progress from there.

Although Vinstar has only been around for three years, they have achieved many milestones for a young company. Firstly, they have earned USD $3 million in revenue within six months since the start of their operation. Petrol Vietnam had also recognised Vinstar’s commendable work. On a personal level, Mr Kumar was proud of the fact that he and his team were able to execute projects efficiently and deliver them on time.

Timely, quality delivery and skilled staff are just some of the factors Mr Kumar feels what makes Vinstar set apart from their competitors in the industry. Other key features included the strive to strike a balance in exceeding clients’ expectations and meeting the minimum requirements at the same time, keeping in mind to fulfil their budget.

As a business owner, entrepreneurship to Mr Kumar is about having the freedom to make decisions independently, unlike an employee whose position could be limited. On the other hand, there are also many challenges that need to be faced to prove to others that young entrepreneurs can go just as far or not, even further. What makes it difficult for Mr Kumar is the constant juggle between his work and family.

Having said that, Mr Kumar attributes his family as his source of inspiration and motivation. He calls them his “pillar of strength”, especially at times when he was worried that he was not able to sustain his company for long. It was because of their support and his self-motivation that drove him to press on and persevere.

His advice to young and inspiring individuals who are interested in venturing into the entrepreneurial world is to have a clear vision and mission for their organisation. He also added that a successful business owner will always keep upgrading themselves as well as study and keep an eye on the forecast in their industry.

The success of Vinstar Engineering Pte Ltd. is most definitely well earned. With Mr Senthil Kumar’s passion and years of professional experience, it is certain that this company will continue to grow and prosper in years to come.

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