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Name of Recipient:
Mrs. Veeriah Kamala Thevi

Incorporated in 1992, V.K. Garden Contractors is a real estate management company specialising in landscaping maintenance and design. Led by Mrs Veera Kamala Thevi, the team at V.K. Garden are responsible for keeping greenery looking pristine and well-kept. From grass to shrubs, plants and trees; they are well-versed in arranging different varieties and species to form an aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Veera chose to start her company as she had a passion for nature and landscaping and wanted to fulfil this dream of hers. However, she had to overcome several challenges when first setting up her business before achieving success. Without formal training, she found herself having to learn the ins and outs of the industry as she went along. Due to the unfamiliarity, projects also took longer to complete. Today, the staff at V.K. Garden are certified professionals who strive to put out quality work efficiently. Veera attributes her supportive family members and friends who doled out useful advice and information, enabling her to prevail over the trials of a business startup phase.

One of the outstanding achievements in V.K. Garden’s impressive list of completed projects is their longstanding working relationship with the Singapore Red Cross Society. The company’s quality services and dedication to customer satisfaction have led the Red Cross to retain their services for 20 years. This trust between client and provider is something that the company endeavours to create in all their work.

The firm believes in providing a warm service which makes customers feel welcome, in turn cultivating positive relationships and differentiating their business from competitors. Operating on the notion that all jobs no matter the scope, are worth doing well, the company has built their reputation by being consistent performers at small projects before being entrusted with the highly valued jobs they are responsible for today.

In the next five years, Veera hopes to expand the business to include a nursery with an attached office. She is also excited to have her son join her, citing that young people tend to have more ideas that can rejuvenate the company.

When asked for her thoughts on entrepreneurship, she shares that all entrepreneurs start with an idea in their head and are determined to make them come true. She explained that whatever the idea is, it must be supported by love and passion, to make that dream into their reality. Sharing that while it often looks like entrepreneurs are defying odds to achieve their goals through sheer willpower, it is instead a product of measured planning and small steps.

As an example of how she had benefited from planning for the future, Veera set a personal deadline of six months to recoup her initial investment and worked on her business with that goal in mind. It is also vital for owners to interact and get feedback from their clients during this initial phase so that any adjustments to the business can be made early for the benefit of both parties.

However, successful business owners do not only focus on their clients. Employees play an important part as they are on the ground, interacting with the customers. Therefore, investing in them is a sure way to increase productivity, improve service levels and quality resulting in better customer satisfaction. When hiring, Veera looks out for fast-learning individuals willing to pick up tricks of the trade quickly. Additionally, she also sources for courses for her staff, keeping up to date with any new events or machinery that they can learn. As a result, V.K. Garden boasts knowledgeable and proficient staff with up-to-date skills. The company’s success is driven by respect for their clients and staff, seeing beyond profits and refraining from giving out empty promises that they cannot fulfil.

Being a family orientated person, Veera looks towards her children for the motivation to succeed and do well in her business. As a dedicated mother of four, her children’s belief in her gives her the strength, striving to maintain a healthy work-life balance. This warm nature has transferred over to the running of V.K. Garden, creating a happy environment for employees to work in and ensuring that clients who engage the services of the company feel welcomed.

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