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Mr. Rendall Chee

Maintaining a car’s interior and exterior appearance is fundamental task taken by car owners to keep their vehicles feeling brand new. Groomers Lab Pte Ltd is the premier solution for owners looking to rejuvenate their cars and elevate them to showroom condition. From interior restoration to paint coat protection, the team of dedicated professionals ensure that each vehicle that enters the lab gets the care and attention it deserves.

Presently managed by Mr Rendall Chee and his wife, Groomers Lab was established in 2013 as a way of turning his passion into profession. In order to start his company, Rendall gave up his previous position of Director in an international hotel to pursue his passion. Considering that most Singaporeans would choose a stable paycheck over the trials of entrepreneurship, Rendall’s decision to drop it all and chase his dreams was an especially gutsy one.

Making the move to venture into business brought about its own set of challenges. Like most entrepreneurs, the initial stages were a test of resolve. Groomers Lab had a low number of clients and Rendall was forced to dip into his savings to recuperate losses while slowly increasing business exposure.   

Nevertheless, Rendall was not disheartened. Instead he persevered and worked harder on strengthening his business,making sure to provide excellent service to his customers. These services were extended to them even after the sales transactions. Following up with his customers ensuring that everything was going well. In due time, his business began to grow through the word of mouth from his customers. This in return helped to increase patronage and after operating for seven months, Rendall saw improvements in his company’s development.

In the trade today, Groomers Lab is well known for their excellent quality and high-end professional products. As an avid car enthusiast, Rendall is always looking out for quality products to add to his company. He strongly believes in conducting research on various products and testing them to ensure that they are not only durable and long-lasting, but also give the result he desires.

Rendall shares on how he manages to sustain his position in the industry and how Groomers Lab distinguishes itself amongst their competitors. At Groomers Lab, no customers are rejected. There is always a solution for every customer that comes in with an issue. Complications are rectified and the company strongly believes in quality, taking in only two to three cars a day to ensure that the vehicles are in the best condition possible. Leaving no customer unsatisfied, Groomers Lab stays true to their company philosophy of no cars leaving their lab until they are in perfect condition. This level of detail also enables Rendall to establish a friendship with his clients and stay in touch with them throughout, further improving word-of-mouth exposure.

For striving entrepreneurs, Rendall stresses on being humble at all times. It is important to be modest as it makes it easier to create friendship and rapport with potential clients. He advocates honesty and not to underdeliver or overpromise.

As Groomers Lab continues to escalate, it seems that their running shoes are on and there is no stopping them. When asked where he sees his business in the times to come, Rendall expresses his desire to broaden his business locally in all four corners of Singapore. Overseas, he has aspirations to bring the company over to countries such as Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Throughout his business journey, Rendall kept the thought of wanting to indulge his family in a better life close to heart. Motivated by this thought, Rendall continues to strive for the best for his business and his customers. With a dedicated and committed leader, Groomers Lab looks set to continue to grow and find success.

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#07-56 Synergy @ KB S(417800)
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