Grace Fire Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Desmond Teng

Grace Fire Pte Ltd specializes in the servicing, maintenance and re-certification of fire protection systems and products. Established in 2010, the company was initially involved in commercial projects before making their move into the marine industry. Since then, Desmond and his team have completed projects for all types of marine vessels from passenger ships to cargo ships, gas tankers and bulk carriers. Besides vessels, the company also extends its services to offshore operations such as shipyards and ports.

Desmond shares that it had always been his vision for the company to specialize in marine fire safety systems. He first developed an interest in this area while working deliveries in the marine industry. Passionate about learning more, he began observing and eventually managed to acquire professional training and enough hands-on experience to start his own company.

As a new player, Grace Fire had to work hard to acquire various approvals, certifications and documentations as proof of competency. Being new also meant less recognition which meant finding creative ways to convince clients to engage their services over the more established companies. Adding to start-up woes was the difficulty in finding suitable manpower due to the labor intensive and skills-based nature of the jobs.

Today, Grace Fire has anchored itself as a mainstay for fire safety services in the marine industry. With an emphasis on good and prompt customer service at competitive rates, the company further differentiates itself from competitors by going the extra mile to help their customers save cost via customized solutions. Despite increasing competition in the sector and a slow economy, the company continues to retain as well as grow its pool of clients.

Beyond the shores of Singapore, Desmond is looking forward to several overseas expansions in South-East Asia. He explained that branching out of Singapore would be the next logical choice for his business as most of Grace Fire’s clients have vessels operating in the vicinity. The move will create a stronger customer support and future potentials for the company stakeholders.

Grace Fire keeps itself ahead of the curve through forward thinking business policies. The company has has progressed rapidly over the years due to good planning and foresight. Two key qualities every business needs to run a strong enterprise.

For Desmond, entrepreneurship is about stepping out of his comfort zone and challenging himself to meet his goals. What initially started as an interest and curiosity to learn more about fire safety systems has developed into a thriving business. He goes on to remark that this is perhaps the most rewarding part of being an entrepreneur, taking in the satisfaction of seeing his plans for the business come together.

A typical work day for the director of Grace Fire involves visiting and overseeing job sites, receiving feedback from clients, door-to-door sales, servicing, deliveries as well as training and solving staff issues. Despite having to manage these activities on a five-and-a-half-day work week, he takes the time out of his busy schedule to volunteer  in ministry work on Sundays with the occasional weekday.

As a reformed individual, he hopes to share and help people with working opportunities and also cultivate entrepreneurship. This is borne out of his own experiences when peers discouraged him from starting his own company. Their objections made him all the more driven to succeed and he wishes to inspire people to adopt the “nothing is impossible” attitude which has taken him to where he is today.

Under Desmond’s strong forward-looking leadership, Grace Fire is on course to continue their rapid growth, enjoy success and be a force for good.  All Glory to God.


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