Global Alliance Property Pte Ltd (Century 21)


CS SOEName of Recipient:

Mr. Chong Chai Shyong

Incorporated in 2015, Global Alliance Property Pte Ltd is the result of a merger of several real estate firms as a collaborative effort to decrease their business costs and increase revenue. Borne out of the need to increase working efficiency so that real estate agents are better able to conduct their businesses in an increasingly tough market; the company has successfully established a low cost platform for agents to secure more income.

Leading the charge is executive director Mr Chong Chai Shyong who helms operations at the firm. His typical work day involves coordinating the direct management of staffs with his operations heads, strategizing business flow, linking and synchronizing agents’ activities as well as looking out for business opportunities. But perhaps most importantly, he oversees the transition period and ensures that it goes smoothly. One of the first measures taken during the merger and acquisition was a restructuring of the back room to be more lean and fit, enabling the support staffs to fulfill their roles with greater efficiency.

Cultivating cohesiveness during a transition presents its own set of challenges, as bringing businesses with different setups together can lead to a clash of work cultures. Realising the importance of this, Mr Chong strongly encourages a two-way traffic flow in order to gather feedback from all parties, which helps him make well-informed decisions. Ultimately, it all boils down to managing different perspectives and getting everybody on the same page. For instance, service providers were initially unhappy with the merger and acquisition as they felt it lowered their business margins, however, they warmed up to the idea once they realised that overall, more business was coming through.

As a result of the above efforts, Global Alliance Property has been steadily making waves in the industry. The company is constantly pushing to increase their network by attending conferences to make themselves known to international markets. Beyond Singapore, they have launched projects for Thailand, Malaysia and moving properties in Australia, Dubai, UK and USA next, strengthening their presence overseas.

The reason for such an aggressive approach towards networking is simple. Global Alliance Property differentiates themselves from competitors through the outstanding connectivity afforded by being under the umbrella of Century 21. As such, to strike new deals and make contacts is how the business maintains their competitive edge. This connectivity truly shines when it comes to conducting business regionally and beyond, whereas others may rely on partners or tie ups with overseas firms to connect their clients overseas; Global Alliance Property is able to tap into the web of Century 21 to ensure that all dealings go through a single provider, reducing the chances for any potential confusion and increasing efficiency.

When asked for his thoughts on Global Alliance’s Property’s proudest achievements to date, Mr Chong answered without hesitation that it is the cohesiveness between agents and support staffs. Besides increasing efficiency for all levels of operations, he explains that while numbers are good across the board, it is equally important for human relationships to be good as well. Good relationships amongst members of Global Alliance Property’s family can spillover and benefit customer relations.

In the next five years, Global Alliance Property is looking to increase their manpower, welcoming more property agents into the fold who are seeking a firm that will give them clear direction. The company will also continue to seek ways to strengthen their position in the regional and international markets so as to better assist in linking contacts.

For budding entrepreneurs and individuals looking to enter the property industry, Mr Chong advises pragmatism above all else. The individual should not be fooled by rosy pictures but draft a plan on what he or she wants to do and take away from their time in the industry. Hard work must be paired with strategy and direction, preferably provided by a good mentor.

In closing, while the current market situation might look bleak for real estate agents, Global Alliance Property Pte Ltd is committed to helping agents who still have the belief and passion for the job but are being pushed out by external circumstances. Rather than batting down the hatches and waiting out the worst of it, the company draws inspiration from the situation and views it as an opportunity to improve the livelihood of all agents. This willingness to adopt alternative perspectives has driven their rapid progress and looks set to empower the firm through future endeavors.

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