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Mr Tan Kheng Teck

 Incorporated in 1998, Flashing Interior Pte Ltd specialises in interior design, carpentry, construction and electrical installation. Its primary clients are Chocspot, M&Ms and The Cocoa Trees, brands under the confectionary department of Focus Network Agencies (FNA), known locally and around the Asian region.

 Incidentally, Mr Tan Kheng Teck, the director of Flashing Interior had started off his services in residential projects and dental specialists before moving towards corporate designs. He shared that his first job was in the construction industry until he injured himself and switched to spray painting furniture. Finally in 1996, Mr Tan decided to split from his employers to start his own company.

 It was an uphill battle for Mr Tan during his initial venture into entrepreneurship. With a lack of capital and manpower, he had to raise the money by himself and source for employees who were good at their trade. He also revealed that with his wife helping him, they had to bring his children from school to the factory as there was no one at home to take care of them.

 Nevertheless, Mr Tan managed to pull through, emphasising that it was due to the unwavering support of his wife and loved ones. “We solved our problems ourselves, we did not and did not want to rely on anyone for help, especially when it came to finances,” he added.

 Of the many recent events that have impacted the business, one that was significant to Mr Tan was the increase in the number of companies that were competing for the same projects but were unable to clinch the contracts. Mr Tan believes that the reason for this was because none of them was as quick or efficient like he was. “My tenants will tell my competitors, if you can complete this project by this timing, then there is no problem in giving you the job.”

Having said this, Mr Tan pointed out what makes Flashing Interior different from his competitors in the industry. The first main feature is the efficiency that Mr Tan and his team has. “You can see from the first day when I take the key, and when you come in on the second day,  you will be surprised to see all the things are up. Even when one of my subcontractors didn’t show up for a day, he’s scared because when he comes back the next day, everything is already there on standby for him to continue!”

Adding on, what also makes Flashing Interior stands out is the teamwork they have amongst Mr Tan and his manpower of 40 subcontractors outside of Flashing Interior. Mr Tan explains that these subcontractors have been with him from the beginning, and they are nothing but the best. Unlike other companies, Mr Tan ensures that there is a group of people working round the clock to get the work done. Commenting on their effectiveness, Mr Tan said, “By myself, I can’t complete anything, it’s about working together and putting in a group effort.”

With such tenacity and passion, it is no wonder that there are many achievements that Flashing Interior has accomplished over the past 18 years. Mr Tan was proud to mention that he had been in partnership with FNA for 15  years, working in various countries outside of Singapore including China, Myanmar, Maldives, New Delhi, Vietnam and Korea. He included that his team took a mere 12 days to complete the 2,300 square feet The Cocoa Tree at Changi Airport’s terminal three.

However, what brings the greatest pride and joy to him was the love of his wife and family, which was something that he attributed as his motivation and inspiration. Looking at his wife with a smile on his face, he laughed before stating, “All that I do, I do it for the happiness of my wife…if she’s not happy, then how to go to work?” His parting advice to those who are interested in venturing into the entrepreneurial world is to always work hard and to always show your support to your clients.

The word “flash” is usually associated with speed and efficiency and that is what Flashing Interior Pte Ltd prides itself on being. Mr Tan’s success story, is a testament that nothing is truly impossible. For Flashing Interior, the journey is far from over. Having the desire to give his wife and family a better future, Mr Tan hopes for the business to maintain a steady growth. With his wife behind him in support, there is no doubt that Mr Tan will lead Flashing Interior Pte Ltd to its brightest future yet.

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