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Mr. Melvin Tan


Singapore often brings in foreign workers to fill in gaps in the workforce, and at times, it can be quite a hassle and troublesome for many employers across all industries when they want to recruit foreign workers. From considering quota calculations to levy annexes to filling authorisation forms to apply for work passes, employers can find themselves overwhelmed with all the paperwork required.

Firstcare Consultancy is a sole proprietorship which specialises in recruiting foreign workers for companies who are in need of them. As an employment agency, it provides quality services to help many industries ease the process of placing these foreign workers who come from countries like China, India, Myanmar, and Bangladesh.

These services include handling security bonds, counselling & communication requirements, document submissions in-line with Ministry of Manpower (MOM) regulations and professional advice in MOM matters. The company also provides excellent after-service, always ready to offer professional advice and match the needs and requirements of their clients.

Additionally, they work closely with many government agencies such as MOM, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). Working with key bodies in the government means that Firstcare Consultancy’s clients are able to rely on them for their credibility and transparency.

Senior manager and general manager Mr Melvin Tan and Ms Ruby Ng had been working in this industry when they realised other companies did not do a good follow up with their clients and the problems compounded when former clients called them asking for their help. It was then they decided to start up their own business to help them in giving them a more flexible schedule.

It was not easy for this duo when they first launched their business. Having previously been in sales, they had to start everything from scratch and figure out how to set up departments for admin and operations. It took time, experience and perseverance for both Mr Tan and Ms Ng to overcome their challenges to be in the position that they are in today.

Having been in the business for a decade, Firstcare Consultancy has made a strong name for itself within the industry. Both mentioned that using a single consultant for a client throughout the entire process is what makes them stand out. By having such a protocol, this would ensure that the clients get the best services and thorough follow up.

Reflecting back on their achievements, Mr. Tan and Ms. Ng felt that the unwavering loyalty of their customers over the past ten years was an accomplishment to be proud of, especially with the rise of competitors in the industry. They believed that their motivation and inspiration was a shared sense of responsibility in making sure that there is always follow up and seeing their clients through all the way without any excuse or compromise.

For both these entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is about starting a business from scratch and taking ownership at all times. Giving advice to potential entrepreneurs, Mr. Tan and Ms. Ng said one should give their best in everything that they do and to consider what employees think so as to boost their morale and deliver customer satisfaction. They also advised that a successful businessperson would not ask why but why not, and would always stand in the position of their clients, always matching their needs and helping them solve their problems.

All in all, Firstcare Consultancy’s success marks the achievement of this duo who is both independent and resilient, confident in steering their organisation towards progress. Mr Melvin Tan and Ms Ruby Ng’s accomplishments and their abilities to live their dream in starting up their own business will inspire young entrepreneurs to follow their footsteps. It is without a doubt that Firstcare Consultancy will continue to become a prominent name in the industry in years to come.

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