Child’s Atelier Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Ms. Sharilynn Lim

Raising a child is definitely a fulfilling, inspiring and fun experience. However, it also requires a lot of commitment and hard work. Much of this work happens at home, as parents are their child’s first and most important teachers. At the same time, a great deal of this work takes place in preschools, where children pick up information and gain basic knowledge in various aspects of life. Preschools offer children the exposure to many learning opportunities, especially when they explore and play under the guidance of professional teachers. On another note, preschools also provide a good break for parents, as they are able to unwind while their child spends time in a favourable setting.

 Established in 2010, Child’s Atelier is a notable preschool offering customized programmes for infants and toddlers from as young as 2 months to 18 months old. On top of that, they are also involved in classes for playgroups, nursery and kindergarten, handling children from 19 months to 6 years old. Currently under the management of Ms. Sharilynn Lim, Child’s Atelier strongly believes in creating room for children to discover, question, discuss, establish hypothesis and verify their thoughts by participating in various project works.

 At Child’s Atelier, the educarers conduct sensorial play and tasks, which aids infants and toddlers in developing perceptual, intellectual and motor skills. Parents are able to have a piece of mind as every educarer is highly qualified and trained in the field of infant care. On the other hand, the preschool’s programme that caters to children of 19 months to 6 years old, focuses on instilling positive dispositions via developmental domains including environmental awareness and discovery of the world, language and literacy, gross and fine motor skills, cognitive, aesthetics and creative expressions as well as self and social development.

 Over the past years, Child’s Atelier’s business has been a wonderful success. Sharilynn is proud and elated to share the number of achievements Child’s Atelier has attained within the last few years.

 In 2014, they were awarded the Innovation Award by the Innovative Teaching from Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). In the following year, Child’s Atelier became one of the 10 selected pioneer preschools in Singapore to be awarded the Art Education Program Grant. According to Sharilynn, with the various grants given, the centre launched a quality art programme, facilitated by teacher-artistes carefully selected by the Arts Council. This programme provides visual, performing and literary art experiences for their children, nurturing creative thinking processes. Recently, they were also presented with the Preschool Opportunity Fund, whereby a government body co-funded the centre’s programmes which support the holistic development of children.

 Unlike most local preschools, Child’s Atelier collaborates actively with overseas preschools. Sharilynn added that she and her team of teachers hope to extend learning beyond a classroom surrounding. By utilizing digital communication grounds like Skype and emails, they are able to engage with preschoolers of other nations, involving themselves in the cross-cultural exchange of knowledge and information. Furthermore, this initiative will widen the ambit of preschool education. Such collaboration will enable children to put technology into good use for research and investigation purposes, discovering and learning beyond the classroom environment.

 The success for Child’s Atelier does not end there. In fact, they have also partnered with several well-recognized institutions to enhance their children’s learning experience, including the National Library Board, Mollie Bus, The National Arts Council and Singapore National Parks (NParks). These partnerships have produced great results, working towards stimulating a sense of wonderment in children.

 For instance, partnering with the National Library Board enabled Child’s Atelier to gain access to a wide range of storybooks and information resources that are delivered to their centre on a quarterly basis. As such, children get to enjoy daily storytelling sessions and even use these books as tools to fill their inquisitive minds. In addition to this partnership, Child’s Atelier works closely with NParks and other horticulture experts, creating an outdoor learning project, where children can plant vegetables and other plants of their choice. Sharilynn elaborated that such experiences are essential for children to learn, care, respect and admiration for the natural world.

 Looking back on her journey with Child’s Atelier, Sharilynn is now clearer on what it takes to succeed in one’s entrepreneurial journey. “One of the most important things I have learnt is to persevere, even when there are many challenges ahead of you. Being the leader of a company, you will also need to be innovative and do what you believe in. Walk the talk and be daring enough to dream,” she opined.

 Ultimately, Child’s Atelier is a preschool which has gained the recognition and trust of many because of their unique philosophy in early childhood education. With their dedication, passion and discipline, Child’s Atelier will continue to be an epitome of excellence in the early childhood education landscape. Sharilynn’s ambition to constantly better herself and her centre will no doubt lead Child’s Atelier to greater successes in the near future.

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