Aureus Star Pte Ltd

Aureus StarName of Recipient: 
Mr. Shen Perng

Aureus Star Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2014 by company director Shen Perng, who chooses to start his business providing engineering service support to the telecommunication, semiconductor and manufacturing industry, as it had been his forte since 2001.

As the company progressed, construction activities such as new condominium projects and commercial building addition and alteration projects, specializing in wet works and piping works, were also added into the company profile.

As a director, Shen Perng appreciates mental clarity and a clear direction, endeavouring to run his business in the same way. This is achieved by reviewing past events and highlighting areas for improvement to be focused on, while ensuring that company goals and objectives are on track.

Shen Perng explains that the name Aureus was inspired by a gold coin of ancient Rome Empire; which is a highly sought after item today due to its virtue and value. The word Aureus also translates to “golden” or “shining” in latin – thus “Aureus Star” is likened to be the golden star highly sought after for its prized worth.

Although Aureus Star might not have a fancy logo nor a catchy motto, the company chooses to let its service speak for itself. Shen Perng emphasises that his business does not use beautiful and powerful words as promotion, but rather to create its significance through its actions. It is his hope that in the long run, the upshot will set the company apart from the industry norm and customers will remember Aureus Star differently.

Like many other start-ups, the company faced inevitable challenges during the company’s infancy. These challenges manifested themselves in the form of limited resources and regulatory restrictions. There were also questions and self-doubt which surfaced about whether the company’s services were good enough to be competitive in the industry.

However, despite all of these issues, rather than viewing them as significant obstacles, a positive mindset was adopted to view them as routine matters to be ironed out. Shen Perng credits his team in helping him to shoulder the mounting stress, pressure and burdens during the tough periods and believes that with each challenge overcome, Aureus Star can grow to operate on a higher platform than before.

In what is perhaps a reflection of his own journey in life, Shen Perng candidly reveals that he had once “fallen to the bottom of the canyon” but is now climbing back up again. He elaborates that the obstacles and events that have tripped him motivated him to be stronger, while the people who have trusted and helped him inspires him to do better, and it is this same philosophy he hopes to instill deeply into Aureus Star’s working culture and becomes the Aureus team’s hard-wearing attitude.

Shen Perng also recognises that business will only grow if the customers or potential customers grow together. Thus, the company should always continue to scrutinize the work processes to spot any weaknesses, to work on them, and to build their unique strength. It is his hope that the company’s continual developments can assist the customers to become the best in their respective sectors.

For entrepreneurs looking for success in whichever industry they favour, Shen Perng advises them to do the math; “We have to be truly aware of the sacrifices to be made, question ourselves enough to know whether we are willing to go through with it, and then be prepared for the inevitable. Only when this is established, the path ahead will be notably straighter.”

Today, Aureus Star Pte Ltd has expanded significantly from when it first began in 2014. They have grown from a one-man operation to having over 25 employees spread across Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. With an insightful leader and steady team, this “Golden Star” looks set to shine bright for years to come.

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81 Ubi Avenue 4
#09-30 UB ONE S(408830)
T| 6443 4101