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Mr. Andrew Khoo

Established in 2013, Asis Tech is a firm specializing in the installation and integration of security systems. Led by Mr. Andrew Khoo, the company oversees turnkey projects, from their design to commissioning, operation and after-sales support. Examples of some of the equipment they handle include CCTV security, card access control systems, carpark barriers and turnstiles.

A complete and comprehensive security solutions provider, Asis Tech has grown to be renowned for their competency, efficiency and reliability.  In spite of their quick growth, Andrew remembered his initial start-up period as one fraught with challenges and uncertainty. Some significant stumbling blocks include the company’s struggle to increase manpower as well as financial issues, which was made worse by facing difficulties in attracting customers due to a combination of lack of references and being new to the market.

These issues are not unheard of for new businesses, but with a combination of luck and seizing timely opportunities, Andrew was able to skillfully maneuver around the common pitfalls faced by entrepreneurs. Fortunate enough not to have to service a bank loan, he took advantage of this to direct resources into securing contracts. This paid off in a big way as Asis Tech managed to land a big job at the beginning, which helped in easing their financial situation, allowing them to attract suitable candidates to fill roles.

Good security is as reliant on its users as it is on equipment. Therefore, it is important for companies to educate their customers on how to operate their systems as well as provide them with troubleshooting assistance and support after installation. As a result, in order to differentiate his business from competitors, Andrew places a strong emphasis on Asis Tech’s before and after services. He helps his customers implement a security system that meets their needs through various packages, which leads to returning clients as they enjoy the benefits of a fuss free experience.

To date, this emphasis on service has proven to be an effective strategy, as evident in Asis Tech’s rapid growth. Looking back, Andrew fondly recalled the clinching of the DNATA tender as one of his proudest achievements. A ground handling operations company at Changi Airport, DNATA selected Asis Tech after being impressed with their presentation and services. This was a significant milestone, as the company managed to beat out fierce competition despite their small size at the time.

Asis Tech is experienced in covering a wide range of projects ranging from airports to residential, condominium and commercial environments. Since their inception, the company has provided their services for various condominiums, private apartments, shipyards and Changi Airport offices. In the next five years, Andrew hopes to gradually increase manpower and continue expanding his customer base to include more types of businesses. For example, he shared that banks have started reaching out to him and are considering engaging his company’s services for their security.

Andrew takes inspiration from successful businessmen such as Li Ka-shing and Bill Gates. Taking his cue from them, he believes in giving his all and striving for the best in his endeavors. To him it is better to give your best or not do it at all. It is this relentless drive and passion which drives him and his business forward.

Speaking candidly about entrepreneurship, Andrew admitted that the road is not an easy one. He attributes the success of Asis Tech to the lessons learned from his seniors, hard work and the experience gained from previous start-ups. Sharing that although he finds that it is vital for budding entrepreneurs to have the passion to deal with challenges, what is equally important is a mind open to receiving advice. It is helpful to consider an alternative perspective before making important decisions.

Further elaborating on the qualities needed by a successful entrepreneur, Andrew highlights honesty and hard work as the key traits he values the most. Despite his years of experience, Andrew still guards against complacency, treating every day he is out at work as a learning opportunity. Working six days a week on standby, solving issues and visiting his customers to ensure they get quality service, it is no surprise to see how he has forged Asis Tech into what it is today.

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