Asiawire Air-Condition Engineering (S) Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient: Mr. Jackey Chong

Incorporated in 2004, Asiawire Air-condition Engineering (S) Pte Ltd specializes in commercial and industrial air-conditioning. They handle all aspects from installation to plumbing and heating. Helmed by their experienced sole director, Mr Jackey Chong is an old hand in the industry and is well-versed in its inner workings.

Mr Chong’s humble origins are a striking contrast against the success of his work today. Raised in a poor family, Mr Chong had wanted to start a business since he was young and went to Singapore to find an opportunity to explore new ventures. Initially, the venture was to be named “Asiawide” before his partner suggested “Asiawire” – Eventually the name stuck and today “Asiawire” is well-known in the air-conditioning industry.

Asiawire handles a large amount of customers daily. Mr Chong and his team believe in the principle that: one can only improve if they make an effort and try. They strive to impact a commitment to excellence in all members of its community; staff and administration. Excellence relates to both the search for knowledge and the acts of applying knowledge in the world of work & service. As a company, Asiawire cherish every opportunity they have before it disappears and do their best to prepare for rainy days.

This modest approach comes around from a challenge faced when Asiawire was first established. The company registered in 1993 but suffered losses in the following year, which lead Mr Chong to break up with his business partner in order to make up for the losses. Despite these challenges, Asiawire eventually recovered and took a slow approach to building itself up and virtually created a pillar of support with friends and family.

Today, after a decade, Mr Chong’s decision and efforts have paid off as Asiawire enjoys a strong reputation that has been bolstered by being in operation for over a decade. Asiawire differentiates itself from competitors as its products are held to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards. This results in more paperwork, but its products are in turn more stable and able to last longer. Ultimately it builds trust amongst customers and the company is seen as reliable.

This trust between suppliers, contractors and Asiawire is one of the company’s proudest achievements to date. Nurtured from integrity in business dealings and strong work ethics, all three parties have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with regards to business transactions, with Mr Chong sharing that they have always supported him and are a mere phone call away.

Another proud achievement for Mr Chong was the journey he took from his start to present. He takes pride in having assembled the entire business from scratch, compiling and settling everything together into a well-oiled machine. This commitment and diligence is one all entrepreneurs should strive towards.

In order to succeed in business, the director of Asiawire believes that each staff member needs to do their part and meticulously fulfill their assigned tasks. As an entrepreneur, one should be prepared for criticisms and not let others affect their resolve, regardless of what they may say.

Adding on, he says that tough times do not last. Offering advice to budding entrepreneurs, Mr Chong states that they must stay positive, understanding that failures are formulas for life success and keep in mind that it cannot be smooth sailing at work all the time. Instead of cowering from any challenges, a successful business owner must know how to face them head-on and strive to overcome them.

Looking forward to the future, Asiawire will be focusing on stabilizing the business further and maintain a sharp eye on the economy for the next three years before proceeding with any plans for expansion.

Asiawire Air-condition Engineering (S) Pte Ltd has achieved stability for the past five years under Mr Jackey Chong’s leadership. Through his careful guidance the company looks set to continue to conquer future hardships and flourish for many years to come.

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