Aquatemp Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:

Mr. Gwyn Neo

Aquatemp Pte Ltd is a business devoted to maintaining hygiene and cleanliness through sustainable and environmentally-friendly methods. They aid other businesses by providing technology orientated cleaning solutions such as eco-friendly enzyme cleaning facilities and non-flushing urinal systems. Besides that, the company also brings in unique products for residential homes, such as the water-saving showerhead “Oxijet” or more commonly known as Air Shower.

Providing water trucks for the construction industry – these vehicles are the first of its kind in Singapore and are operated by the company’s experienced, well trained drivers as well as technicians. The benefit of having a specialised crew means that cleaning is more focused which increases the speed of the job, reducing water wastage.

Founded in 2013 by Mr Gwyn Neo, the company was built with a focus on environmental sustainability. On a daily basis, Mr Neo is constantly on the lookout to create a greater amount of awareness towards businesses as well as the public on the importance of using environmentally friendly products. He does this through social media platforms as well as advertising on the company’s water trucks to gain more publicity. Other than looking to grow the business, he engages in meeting more potential customers to broaden the company’s clientele.

His daily routine may sound tedious however it is all fun and lively at the office as Aquatemp’s strong team of employees enjoys each other’s company, making work seem less taxing. On a whole, Aquatemp holds a purposeful vision close to them; wanting to educate cleaners on safer enzyme, exposing them to less corrosive and harmful options that would be safer health wise. That was also the main reason behind starting up this business.

While starting up a meaningful venture may sound exciting, Mr Neo had to overcome a few hurdles. In order to start up a business in Singapore, there are certain rules and regulations that needs to be met. Meeting all the standards was tough as there were too many pertaining to the sector that he was venturing into. Besides that, the financial capacity for manpower was an issue too. A large amount of capital was needed to fund long-term employees. He had to think ahead and plan wisely.

Despite the shortcomings, Aquatemp did not succumb. With an optimistic mindset and strategic plannings, Aquatemp managed to overcome them. One of their strategic move was about making a financially smart decision. Since going eco-friendly was generally expensive, Mr Neo chose to reduce manufacturing costs. This helped to save some revenue that could be used elsewhere. Together with the strong support of his family, Aquatemp Pte Ltd victoriously managed to rise above those challenges and create a niche market in the industry.

However, in recent times, the diversity in manpower impacted the business. Most Singaporeans preferred not to hold job positions under the cleaning industry. This called for some revisions in Aquatemp’s business plans. The company had to build a foundation in manpower in order to retain them and ensure that they are well prepared for long-term projects in the future.

In spite of everything, Mr Neo has imparted key qualities to Aquatemp that keeps them apart from their competitors. He gives a very personal touch to his business, which is why he makes it a point to go down to personally meet his clients for any presentations. Along with that, he goes the extra mile to take the time to solve each and every problem of his customers.

Till date, Aquatemp’s holds bringing in the professional version of water trucks into Singapore as their proudest achievement. Introducing specialised equipment to wash oil spills or grimes off the road helped to add value to the service they offer. Although Aquatemp has achieved so much, the company is headed for a bigger vision in the years to come. Aquatemp plans to remain being the top water truck supplier.

The success story of Aquatemp Pte Ltd is inspiring. Mr Neo shared his thoughts on the makings of a successful businessperson in this trade. Possessing immense leadership qualities as well as being a great team player is definitely advantageous. To top it off, one should be passionate about the job. Although he expressed those qualities to be of importance, he stressed that having the right motivation and family support is crucial too, it aided him in his success today. He looks up to his father who is always there for him even during his tough times. Even though he is not in the best of health, he never fails to support Mr Neo in his venture and still continues to do so. With an inspiring person like Mr Neo taking the helm, Aquatemp Pte Ltd is positively headed towards yet another heap of success.

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