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Mr. Bernard Oh

Founded in 1998, Advance Creation ‘N’ Pack Pte Ltd provides a vast array of first-rate packaging solutions, complementing and enhancing many types of products. Being specialized in this particular field, the company no doubt has an answer to any packaging need, ranging from paper bags, plastic bags, non-woven bags, product boxes, jewellery boxes, wrapping paper to hamper packaging and many more. Starting with initial creative concepts to finished design and production, Advance Creation ‘N’ Pack works closely with clients at every step of the way, managing the process completely, right through to delivery at store.

Every package designer in their team has many years of experience and knowledge in the merchandising and branding industry, with strong commitment in giving their clients the edge over their competitors. Advance Creation ‘N’ Pack will work with customers to understand their objectives, before suggesting what works and what doesn’t. This enables the company to create innovative designs which will set their customers apart from other players in the same industry.

In addition, Advance Creation ‘N’ Pack’s customized packaging solutions are well-considered, effective and delivered on time. The company works with reputable printers and manufacturers, ensuring that the packaging with best quality is provided to all customers at competitive prices.

There is always a fair share of challenges whenever a new company or business has just started its operations. Advance Creation ‘N’ Pack was no different. However, a true magnificent leader will prevail over his hindrances by making do within his means. A shining example of such a feat is none other than Bernard. He mentioned, “With all kinds of obstacles coming along, it will definitely be easier by breaking problems down to different layers and solve it one at a time. This will allow me to focus and concentrate on brainstorming for effective solutions.” Hence, Advance Creation ‘N’ Pack manages to sustain a high calibre in the trade constituted by its supreme management and skilled staffs.

With such a high calibre in their services, Advance Creation ‘N’ Pack is an esteemed name in the industry. According to Bernard, his team of capable staffs make the effort to understand each customer’s traits. Based on the information gathered, the staffs give their professional advices and recommendations to customers. Due to the fact that Bernard and his team are always sincere in what they are doing, customers are very satisfied with their genuine services. As a result, clients are more than willing to pay for Advance Creation ‘N’ Pack’s good services.

Bernard felt that entrepreneurs ought to develop the habit of communicating and interacting with their customers, so as to listen to their feedback. He stated, “If good comments are given, thank customers and use it as a form of motivation to improve. However, if customers provide you with something negative, take note of those feedbacks, analyse and brainstorm on how to change for the better, so that every client will be satisfied with your services.”

To Bernard, a good entrepreneur is someone who is able to take various stress and pressure. Definitely, every businessman will face new challenges from day to day and overcoming them is not easy. Bernard elaborated that some clients are indeed very demanding, but it is his job to try his best to fulfil the requirements.

Right now, Bernard is contented with what the company has achieved over the years. Hence, he prefers to let nature take its course, while observing their performance and making decisions from there. Bernard hopes that Advance Creation ‘N’ Pack is able to sustain its stable manpower base.

Advance Creation ‘N’ Pack is a result of heart, passion and soul. The ardent journey of entrepreneurship basing itself on rational thought. Its aspirations are advent to realizations. With a maverick leader and fervent manpower, Advance Creation ‘N’ Pack Pte Ltd shall be prolific in its future.

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