A&R Electrical & Instrumentation Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient: 
Mr. Randy Achacoso

Founded in 2013 by Randy Achacoso, A&R Electrical & Instrumentation Pte Ltd specialises in electrical and instrumentation engineering works for the construction, oil and petroleum industries in Singapore. A&R provides their clients with a comprehensive range of services that includes design, installation, procurement to commissioning and integration.

Electrical and instrumentation works typically deal with items such as switchboards, wiring, control cabinets, automation and safety systems. Problems are identified and solved easily as this equipment are critical in keeping the workplace environment monitored. It is a specialised trade requiring skilled engineers to make sure that the equipment is well calibrated and in working order.

After being in the industry for some time and having accumulated a wealth of experience, it seemed like a good time for Randy to go into business. However, when the company was set up in 2013, the industry was also experiencing a downturn. Despite the initial ups and downs during the start-up phase, he refused to give up and persevered through.     

A&R believes in differentiating themselves from their competitors through its employees. It hires staff who are best fit for the role as well as motivated people who will help the company grow and prosper. This thorough hiring policy has allowed the company to fill its ranks from three to 20 quality employees. It is especially important for electrical and instrumentation engineers, as the role requires individuals who are technically inclined and detail orientated in their work.

Engineers practising electrical and instrumentation works are often called upon to carry out detailed analysis as well as calculations for designs according to different project requirements. They also coordinate and collaborate heavily with other departments ensuring that there is no interference or clashes within the design. Additionally, they have to be familiar with local as well as international codes and standards for their field.

A&R ensures that their engineers meet the standards and are competent in the construction capabilities offered by their company. Examples of these services include distribution control systems, electrical wiring and installation, field instrument installation and calibration, loop checking and pre-commissioning services as well as the conduit, tubing and cable trays. As a complement to their construction capabilities, A&R also provide engineering procurement, the design of control panels as well as system building and integration.

Today, the company has successfully made a name for themselves for quality work through their skilled engineers. When asked what he felt was his proudest achievement to date, Randy recalls the time when A&R was awarded a construction project knowing it would lead somewhere in the industry. He added that he is sourcing for more projects for his company to take on.

For Randy, motivation to succeed in business comes from his past experiences. Growing up in a poor household, he remembers the various challenges and struggles he had to endure to get to where he is today. His background lets him view life in a different perspective and helps him appreciate the things he has earned.

In his opinion, a successful businessperson needs to be dedicated and honest in his/her work. They must also surround themselves with good and capable team members. Good teamwork in business helps maximise efficiency towards a common goal. Randy recognises this and strives to create a conducive environment at A&R where his employees can work at their best. Furthermore, he felt that it was important to be involved in everyday operations, spending his typical working day managing his various projects.

Although A&R Electrical & Instrumentation is a young company, they have made great strides in a short amount of time due to Randy’s willingness to challenge himself in his entrepreneurial ventures. With his never-say-die attitude and emphasis on quality, A&R looks set to usher in more growth and success in the coming years.

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