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Mr. Satwant Sidhu

Founded in 2013, A. Marine Audix Pte. Ltd. is a provider of marine services ranging from bunker, cargo and general condition surveys to ship tank inspections. The company is helmed by Mr. Satwant Sidhu, a passionate and well-versed individual trained in the industry since he was 18 years old. It is this passion which motivated him to start his own enterprise. Satwant enjoys the challenge and variety provided by his scope of work, citing the various people, vessels as well as crew he gets to meet every day that keeps him on his toes and away from the monotony of an 8 to 5 role.

In the marine industry, the term ‘bunker’ refers to the fuel used to operate ships. Unlike land based vehicles which refuel from petrol stations with fixed prices according to quantity, ships refuel from supply barges with fuel amounts requisitioned by the vessel’s owner. In order to ensure that the quality and quantity of fuel tallies with the requisition, companies employ a third party surveyor to perform an inspection known as a bunker quantity survey.

As bunkers represent one of the biggest operating costs for shipowners and operators, surveyors are required to provide accurate and independent checks as well as measurements. They highlight any irregularities or discrepancies, taking measurements before and after oil transfer takes place. As a result, the individuals who take on this role need to be of high integrity and certified or licensed.

To maintain the level of service A. Marine Audix strives for, Satwant is stringent in the standards and expectations of his surveyors. He is involved in the training of new hires and rewards those that are able to meet his requirements. This practice of hiring the best people for the role and providing quality training for newcomers has propelled the company into prominence within a short period of time. It comes down to ensuring that their surveyors are competent and honest in their work, leading vessel owners to select A. Marine Audix for ease of mind.

Services rendered by A. Marine Audix are not only recognized for quality by their customers, but also by relevant assessment bodies as well. The Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) has certified the company as an accredited inspection body while their surveyors possess Marine Port Authority (MPA) licenses. As such, clients can be sure that surveys conducted are in accordance with industry practice standards.

In order to differentiate A. Marine Audix from competitors, Satwant places great emphasis on the care given to his clients. He explained that the company would not be where it is without its clients and therefore, he ensures that their interests are looked out for. It is a mutually beneficial working relationship, as praise and feeling appreciated by his clients drive him to work harder for them. Recognizing the importance of his staff, Satwant also ensures they are well-paid and happy to perform their duties for the company. In return, they help the company further differentiate themselves from others through their experience and hard work.

Despite their quick success, Satwant shared that there were growing pains in the beginning before the business could get off the ground. Demanding clients who were adamant about getting their way could sometimes impede the survey process, however he tried to rationalize and understand the position of the client to come up with a solution. On the flipside, he would also encounter shady suppliers trying to game the system. Satwant explained that these are the issues which keep him grounded and serve as a reminder of what his company needs to stand vigilant against.

In his advice for young entrepreneurs, he strongly recommends developing an optimistic attitude towards business. This is crucial in order to soften the blow of setbacks as well as facing rejections. Besides optimism, he advocates determination as another key quality. Entrepreneurs should not be willing to take no as an answer and not give up hope in the face of adversity. Being able to accept, come to terms and eventually overcome failure is one of the characteristics a successful businessperson needs to have.

For Satwant, entrepreneurship is more than just making money. It is an opportunity to constantly improve himself; no other venture allows an individual to excel in the face of constant challenges and adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Driven by his passion for his work, A. Marine Audix is set to continue making waves in the marine industry, upholding high quality standards for their clients.

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