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Mr. Richard Lim

Founded in 2006 with a team of local professionals with more than 15 years of experience, B4 Water Leakage Specialist is the most reputable company which ensures that their customers get value-for-money services at the end of the day. Their main objective is to be able to provide customers with the highest quality of workmanship as well as best customer service at an affordable price.

They choose to specialize in areas such as waterproofing works, water leakage and seepage works, pu and epoxy grouting, micro crystallization method, re-roofing and coating works, clear and dismantle gutter. On top of that, B4 also offers services to do other repair works, for example, clearing all chokage, concealing pipe leakage, painting and re-fencing, hacking and demolition, installing taps, toilet bowls and heaters.

Mr. Richard Lim, the founder of B4, explained the meaning behind the unique company name, “Initially, we wanted a name which was easy to remember and able to leave a deep impression on customers. So, we came up with ‘B4’, which symbolizes ‘before’. When we put the words, ‘B4 Water Leakage Specialist’ together, it clearly reflects the kind of industry we are in and the type of services we are providing to the public.”

Life is not always full of ups, it is inevitable that everybody would meet a stumbling block through the course of life; this does not differ in an entrepreneurship. Richard recalled, “We had quite a few challenges when we just first started running the business, but the main issues were finance and how to bring in customers for the company.” Being a relatively new company, he had to work hard to source for more potential clients, bringing in earnings and profits to B4. Soon, the results showed that Richard’s efforts had paid off, and that he is no ordinary businessman; he is an entrepreneur connoisseur.

Admittedly, running a business is laborious, but what it yields deserves the amount of time and work invested in it. To Richard, he is very contented that after 10 years of hard work, B4 is rather established and has been doing well. Moreover, B4 contributes 5% of their earnings to hospice care. Richard is thankful for the opportunity given to give back to the society, so that he can lend a helping hand to those in need.

Throughout these years, Richard has been trying his very best to ensure that the company stands out among its competitors in the industry. Along with that mindset, B4 sets out to differentiate themselves in several unique ways. They are confident and sure of what they should be doing, placing emphasis on the importance of providing quality service to their customers. This clearly explains why B4 is always using its own expert crews, instead of subcontractors. At any point of time, Richard and his team are constantly putting in their best effort to provide first-rate waterproofing workmanship for their customers. Having such an attitude towards their work and clients, it is no surprise that B4 is way ahead of its competitors.

Also, Richard advocated on the knick and knack of being a successful entrepreneur. He views the ability to search for potential customers as a key factor for businessmen to succeed in what they are doing. Richard emphasized that entrepreneurs need to be always keen to learn new things while maintaining a positive mindset. He further elaborated, “Competition is what hones you as an entrepreneur; do not give up just because of a setback.” According to Richard, it is essential to have a backup plan as well, highlighting on the need for entrepreneurs to plan ahead of time. By doing so, this will help entrepreneurs go a long way.

Seeing that B4 has stabilised and his two sons are working along with him, Richard expressed his wish to expand the company within the next five years. He stated that he will choose to focus on coming up with more marketing strategies, which are useful and effective approaches the company could adapt to increase their sales.

The boss inspires fear; the leader inspires enthusiasm. A leader like Richard is certainly welcomed, and as a leader, his merit, expertise is without doubt superfluous. With such a leader in fore of B4 Water Leakage Specialist Pte Ltd, the company shall proliferate for perpetuity.

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808 French Road #07-163
Kitchener Road Complex S(200808)
T| 6278 4484
F| 6272 4484
E| b4_wls@yahoo.com.sg


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