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Mr. Roland Ong

If you are currently managing or planning to start a business, one key factor to consider is how you intend to use signage. A well-designed plan for your business signage will instantly and effectively communicate the style, professionalism and overall presence of your business. In short, it will convey to others who you are, where you are and what you do. Therefore, a creative and attractive sign can help your business stand apart from the competition.

Ek Cheong Signcrafts, based in Singapore, is made up of a team of dedicated individuals, who are proficient in the areas of design, production and fabrication. The company offers a wide array of services, including digital print graphics, system signs, aluminium box-ups, cut-out letterings, sandblasts, surface signage, light-box signage as well as printing of posters and banners. Leveraging on emerging technologies and incorporating the team’s different abilities, Ek Cheong Signcrafts delivers innovative yet unique signs and displays for every customer’s business needs.

When quizzed on the reasons for choosing to do business in this particular industry, the founder of Ek Cheong Signcrafts, Mr. Roland Ong, shared that he has been working in this field since he completed serving National Service (NS). As an individual who takes pleasure in coming up with creative and outstanding signs, it was without doubt that Roland enjoyed his job. After accumulating years of experience in this field, he was certain that he wanted to establish his own business, doing what he truly loves and what he does best, explaining the rise of Ek Cheong Signcrafts.

With no credit worthiness as a newly started company, funding and capital flow was a problematic issue for Roland. He clearly understood that the financial situation could not be prolonged, as it would hurt the business greatly. Thus, Roland went to seek ways to salvage Ek Cheong Signcrafts’s financial situation. He added, “If I did not make the effort to save the company, it will be easy for the other industry players to kick me out anytime.” In an effort to turn the business around, Roland decided to boost awareness of Ek Cheong Signcrafts and source for customers ‘one by one’.

Gradually, the company started to see an increase in business, going to prove that Roland’s efforts have not gone in vain. Roland expressed that he finds reassurance whenever his client’s receive their products and provide commendable feedback. Armed with a team of efficient and capable members, Ek Cheong Signcrafts eventually evolved into one of the leading players in the industry today.

Although Roland gains much satisfaction from the company’s success, he credits much of their achievements to Ek Cheong Signcrafts’s skilled and committed team. He emphasized that everyone is equal in the company, going on to say that his ultimate aim is to ‘cultivate a team that takes ownership’, whereby they are there to provide guidance, instead of instructions. “We constantly put our people first, front and center,” Roland asserted. The founder also strongly believes that the people in the company plays the biggest role in determining if a business is able to attain success. Additionally, he mentioned that team synergy is very important as employees rely on each other’s strength to work efficiently. Strong unity within a team will enable the company to put forward the best solutions for their projects.

To ensure that the company stays ahead of its competitors, Roland places his focus on providing efficient services to his customers. At Ek Cheong Signcrafts, they pledge to respond to every client’s enquiry and problem quickly. Roland stated that maintaining a high level of productivity within the company is another effective way that differentiates Ek Cheong Signcrafts from others in the same line of business.

According to Roland, a successful entrepreneur is defined by his or her sincerity, not only towards one’s own business but also to their clients. He believes that treating clients with a genuine heart aids in building trust between both parties. On top of that, integrity and good communication skills are essential qualities that Roland feels would make a remarkable businessperson. He elaborated, “It is crucial for us to adapt a honest approach and communicate with our customers frequently, as it will keep them updated of the current situation. At the same time, it allows space for feedback and forges a bond between the both of us.” With these qualities, Roland is sure that businessmen will be able to overcome all obstacles throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

Ek Cheong Signcrafts has certainly come a long way since its tough beginnings. With an eminent leader at helm, the company will definitely continue with excellence and gain greater success in their chosen arena.

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