Kamala Jewellers Pte Ltd

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Name of Recipient:
Mr. N. Kumar

First established in 1980, Kamala Jewellers Pte Ltd is a family-owned chain store trading and selling diamonds, gold, silver, pearls and gemstones. Initially founded by Mr. Sri M. Narayana Samy, the torch has since been passed on to his son Mr. N. Kumar. From the launch of their first storefront in Serangoon Plaza, Kamala Jewellers has since expanded to three outlets along Serangoon Road.

Abiding by their three tenets of quality, purity and credibility, the company has grown from strength to strength, creating designs that are steeped in tradition yet trendy. Kamala Jewellers and their skilled artisans create according to customer specifications, crafting exquisite jewels that stand the test of time.  

People buy jewellery for a variety of reasons; for commemorating special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries to statements of affection in the form of gifts or even investment purposes. Whatever the reason, a good piece is not only a conversation starter, but also one that can hold significant meaning to the owner. As a result, Kamala Jewellers and their artisans work meticulously to create a refined design worthy of the personal connection between the piece and their owner.

Starting a business in the jewellery industry can be an arduous affair. Kamala Jewellers had humble beginnings serving a small clientele. However, their dedication to ensuring consistently high standards as well as excellent service won over new customers and earned them many repeat visits. As a result, they were able to grow their brand as a reputable jeweler and expand their clientele to what it is today.

The jewellery market can also be volatile as prices are adjusted according to consumer trends. Kumar cited the recent fluctuations in gold prices as one example of a recent event which has affected his business. Kamala Jewellers was able to overcome this particular challenge by planning ahead, strategizing and being adaptable enough to improvise according to the situation. They also helped offset price fluctuations by coming up with offers and promotions for their consumers.

Running a business in the jewellery industry requires foresight and shrewd business acumen. This is important not only to ride out challenges but also to predict upcoming trends and capitalize on them. Kumar keeps Kamala Jewellers differentiated from their competitors by drawing upon years of knowledge and experience in the industry to handpick attractive designs that will appeal to all. Building upon this advantage, the company is also able to pick out high quality gemstones that will improve the aesthetics and value of the jewellery piece.

Despite all his success, Kumar is not one to become complacent. Kamala Jewellers remains competitive by keeping up their advertising efforts as well as constantly updating their promotions, schemes and offers. An example of this is their gold tree jewellery saving scheme, which allows their customers to invest money in gold through various installment plans. Additionally, bridal collections such as ‘Kanakavarsha’ and ‘Thirumangalyam’ give customers themed options to make it easier to pick out matching pieces. Furthermore, these collections are specifically catered to cultural requirements and aesthetics.

Innovation is a must for companies to stay competitive. Kamala Jewellers manages to strike a delicate balance between innovation and keeping with tradition as well as cultural expectations. The ability to put a modern twist on jewellery yet maintain the rich character and history of traditional pieces is a highly desired skill.

When asked for his thoughts about what qualities one needs in order to be successful in business, Kumar simply stated hard work, passion and persistence. He explained that one has to love what he does and be strong enough not to give up in the face of adversity. These values are apparent in Kumar’s typical working day, which can go up to 17 hours a day as he runs not only Kamala Jewelers, but his other businesses as well.

No matter how the jewellery market may fluctuate in the future, Kamala Jewelers will continue standing strong, striving to provide the best for their customers. Under the leadership of Kumar, the company can feel secure and enjoy continued stability in time to come.

Contact Details
No. 63 Serangoon Road S(217968)
T| 6292 5929
F| 6296 1948
E| mail@kamalajewellers.com

Branch Outlet
No. 81 Serangoon Road #01-03
T| 6293 4849
F| 6293 4849
E| mail@kamalajewellers.com

Branch Outlet
No. 87 Serangoon Road S(217992)
T| 6294 0096
F| 6295 6575
E| mail@kamalajewellers.com


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