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Mr. Steve Keh

Located at Joo Koon Way, RPM Electrical Engineering Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s leading electrical and mechanical engineering firms. The corporation offers a wide range of services, including works that involve precision machining and fabrication, construction electric, rewinding and overhaul of electric motors, generators, transformers and coils as well as surge and hi-pot tests. On top of that, they are also an established stockist for motor accessories and other related components. The company’s commitment to deliver services of exceptional standards has undoubtedly earned them a reputable name in the market.

Under the leadership of their founding director, Mr. Steve Keh, RPM Electrical Engineering has grown exponentially since its inception in 1999. Reminiscing the early days of business, Mr. Keh expressed that their current success would not have transpired without his capable team. Prior to taking up the role as an entrepreneur, Mr. Keh spent several years at another engineering firm, where he learnt the ropes of the business. As he acquired the necessary skills, knowledge and experience, he observed that the demand for engineering services in Singapore has been steadily rising. Thus, Mr. Keh viewed it as a great business opportunity and eventually made the strategic decision to build RPM Electrical Engineering.

Although the engineering sector was booming, Mr. Keh revealed that he had encountered multiple challenges during the first few years of operations. As a start-up company, they struggled having sufficient funds and manpower. “In our industry, it is important for us to have enough staff as it will greatly affect our productivity. However, many Singaporeans are not keen to take on careers in this field as it requires them to endure hard labour. For us to hire foreigners, we will also have to consider the strict foreign employment policies that are implemented in our Republic,” explained Mr. Keh.

In order to overcome the obstacles and make sure that business operates smoothly, Mr. Keh dedicated most of his time at work and barely rested. While the future seemed ambiguous, he was determined to breakthrough the difficult time. As an effort to tackle the manpower shortage, Mr. Keh sourced for part-time and temporary workers to help out in numerous projects. Besides that, he continually seeked for new ways to improve his services and boost the company’s standing.

To set a competitive edge, RPM Electrical Engineering places great focus on the conditions of their equipment as it plays a pivotal role in the quality of their work. Additionally, the firm also provides specific products and services at low price points, which many electrical and mechanical engineering companies may not be able to offer.

Mr. Keh’s perseverance and commitment to excel has certainly paid off as RPM Electrical Engineering continues to clinch greater deals and increase its prominence in the market. From having a team of only 4 employees, the corporation has now grown to accommodate over 20 individuals in just a span of 15 years. To Mr. Keh, the rise in manpower speaks volumes as it is not simple for an engineering company to find people who are skilled, experienced and willing to withstand tough labour on a daily basis.

When quizzed about the company’s name, Mr. Keh divulged that the initials, ‘R’, ‘P’ and ‘M’ actually stands for the words, ‘Radiant’, ‘Power’ and ‘Marine’. On another note, it also represents the term, ‘Rounds Per Minute’.

Becoming an entrepreneur has brought Mr. Keh unexplainable joy and a great sense of achievement. Nevertheless, he attributes much of his success to his capable team, family members and people who have been his pillar of support throughout his entrepreneurial journey. Plans are underway as Mr. Keh searches for a suitable venue to start up his new branch in Malaysia. With Mr. Keh at the fore of the company, there is no doubt that their upcoming department will enjoy the same triumph as the one in Singapore.

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No.1 Joo Koon Way S(628942)
T| 6862 0560
F| 6861 2980
E| rpmeepl@singnet.com.sg


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