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Mr. David Wong & Mrs. Wong Li Lian

Early Childhood Education is an industry that continues to flourish as the government and parents realise the importance of the formative early years in the development of an individual. In fact, studies have proven that the human mind is most receptive to learning between birth to three years of age.

Parents want their child to shine and perform to the best of their abilities. However, the role that parents can play towards this achievement is sometimes restricted by circumstances, such as language or educational barriers, careers and other commitments. They enroll their child to a preschool where they can be immersed in a nurturing environment that develops them holistically to their fullest potential.

AceKidz is a local childcare centre that was established on the premise of creating a secure, healthy, positive and creative learning environment for children. This provides optimal conditions for children to learn, grow and have an enjoyable and enriching childhood. Owned and managed by Mr. David Wong and his wife Li Lian, they strongly believe that early childhood education provides the headstart to success. With the desire to nurture and inculcate the love of learning in young children, the duo took the entrepreneurial plunge and started the company in 1998.

As the husband-and-wife team started their own business, they faced numerous challenges when they commenced operations. There is the constant challenge to meet the demand for manpower in a very competitive market as it is imperative to hire trained and accredited professionals in this industry.  This has also resulted in escalating manpower costs which has to be managed in order for the business to remain economically viable.

David added, “When we first went into business, we had to cover many costs. The market largely controlled the prices of our programmes, barring us from having the flexibility to tweak the fees to increase our profits. Without sufficient funds, it was difficult to sustain our business, much less to offer our employees a more attractive salary.” David and Li Lian also had to battle against the rapid upsurge in rental costs, which affected their business.

In spite of these obstacles, David and Li Lian persevered and worked towards resolving problematic issues whilst generating ideas to boost their business and branding.  They gradually saw the fruits of their labour as the centres improved in enrolment and quality. Almost 20 years into the industry, AceKidz currently stands as one of the leading childcare groups in Singapore.

When asked what sets AceKidz apart from other childcare centres, Li Lian emphasized that their programmes are modelled to spark creativity in children whilst developing them to become life-long learners by helping them to obtain the necessary knowledge, skills and dispositions through various learning outlets.  Most importantly, AceKidz is child-centred and accommodates a child’s individual pace of learning through a bilingual, thematic and integrated curriculum with values like Achievement, Creativity and Enthusiasm.

Unlike many of their competitors, the company makes it a point to go the extra mile by reaching out to parents and learn about their concerns as well as expectations. Periodically, AceKidz organizes parent education seminars and activities to update parents on the latest developments in early childhood education to improve parenting skills.

At the moment, David and Li Lian are actively looking into expanding their business, with hopes to operate at least 10 childcare centres by 2021. Recently, AceKidz incorporated infant care services in their new Child Care centres.  Through their quality programmes and culture of continuous innovation, the company is set to continue improving from strength to strength.  As an entrepreneur, David shared that he has to be pragmatic to survive and excel in the industry. “Not every plan you have in mind will work. Start small, set realistic goals and over time, your hard work will pay off,” said David.

Evidently, AceKidz has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The success of the company would not have happened without David and Li Lian’s perseverance, commitment and contribution. In the years to come, we are confident that AceKidz will maintain its position as one of the outstanding childcare centres in the Republic.

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