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Mr. Leong Ping Fai

Established in 2005, FFM Services Pte Ltd is an engineering solutions firm providing support to Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) manufacturing, building and civil engineering companies. Focusing on the electronic industries, its clients include a variety of MNCs, OEMs and SMEs both regional and local. The company is made up of veterans backed by over 40 years of industry experience providing seasoned technical solutions as well as professional consultation that value-add to their client’s projects.

Led by Mr. Leong Ping Fai, FFM Services was founded when he spotted a potential opportunity in the industry and decided to go for it. Today, the company provides a range of customized toolings, jigs and fixtures to support engineering projects. From design to fabrication, the team works together with their client’s engineers in order to best fit requirements and ensure a smooth process. Some examples of what can be customized include the type of materials used, such as stainless steel or anti-static plastic, to size, dimensions, specifications and tasks of the components.

However, like many entrepreneurs, Mr. Leong was not exempted from challenges when he first went into business. He shared about his difficulties in finding clients due to the lack of a track record as a newly founded company. Nonetheless, he and his team were able to win clients over by impressing them with their knowledge and expertise. As a result of providing feasible solutions, which contribute and support the needs of their clients, FFM Services was able to grow their reputation into what it is today.

One of the constant issues faced by PCBA manufacturers is how to best optimize their process flow and cost. FFM Services help manufacturers review their operations as well as PCBA designs to resolve any current problems and recommend long-term solutions to keep systems running as smooth as possible. In order to do so, they work closely with all members of the manufacturing process. This includes process and equipment engineers, production operators and material handlers. Therefore, they are able to conduct a thorough analysis and formulate comprehensive strategies in line with industry workmanship standards.

Besides consultation, Mr. Leong and his team also put their expertise to use in PCBA testing and PCB fabrication. FFM Services utilize the latest technology in testing hardware and are able to assist companies with configuring setups in order to best conduct their assessments. The company also dedicates themselves to keep ahead of the curve in terms of updating their test equipment and methodology. For instance, FFM services is the South East Asian distributor for the Goepel Boundary Scan testing system; as PCBs become more complicated, this particular system is rumored to be the future standard for testing strategy.

For building and civil engineering companies, FFM Services offers experienced quantity surveyors to coordinate the costs of building projects and provide advice on their feasibility. These surveyors allow building and civil engineering companies to outsource non-core functions, giving them more time and ability to focus on relevant work instead. Some examples of the functions provided by FFM Services quantity surveyors include preparing budget estimates, feasibility studies, bills of quantities, determining final costs of projects as well as preparation and advice for contract or tender documentations.

Lastly, FFM Services also provides a range of energy-efficient LED lighting products for businesses. They are strong advocates of using LED lighting to help customers go green and save on energy costs. In place is a dedicated design team ready to provide solutions for both indoor and outdoor lightings catered to customer’s needs.

Mr. Leong expressed that he finds motivation each time his company successfully delivers a product or service. The commendable feedback he receives from his customers are what keeps him going. Regarding the company’s future plans, Mr. Leong disclosed that he intends to play it by ear but still strive for the best. To Mr. Leong, it is important to work smart and consolidate the happenings within the industry before making any moves.

When asked for his thoughts on what makes a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Leong suggested that a good businessperson should possess a positive mindset coupled with cheerfulness and a zest for life. He voiced that an entrepreneur should be able to enjoy their journey; and that positivity would form the base of which one can draw perseverance and determination from. As Mr. Leong puts it, entrepreneurship is as much about achievement as it is about learning through the journey.

With an adaptable attitude and an open mind, Mr. Leong will continue to lead FFM Services towards greater success, pushing boundaries and being at the forefront of their industry.

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