Benjeemen Heng I.D Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Benjeemen Heng

“Interior design is challenge, a challenge to exploit the ever wonders of creativity. Creativity that allows us to fuse beautiful things into the lifestyle of homeowners’. That’s why i chose interior designing. I like the challenge, the challenge to find more creativity.” Mr Benjeemen Heng elucidated his notion, a notion which would help him attain his own niche success; pinnacle in the roaring trade.

Benjeemen Heng I.D (Interior Design) Private Limited; named eponymous after Mr Heng, came into realization in 2003. A lunge taken in due for Mr Heng’s fervor passion. “When i first started off, it was an one man show.” Mr Heng recounted. Today, Benjeemen Heng I.D has a deft team of 4. A team which is competent, intricate and proficient maestros in the trade.

Benjeemen Heng I.D has been in myriads of media limelight. Home & Décor, Lookbox, Cubes. These are just a few publications Benjeemen Heng I.D has been featured in. With a large clientele base, and superlative track record, it’s a cinch for Benjeemen Heng I.D to be publicly perceived by the press. “Having supportive clients; which allowed my creativity to go further, through the years made it perfunctorily for me to attain such a spot. This had allowed me to get through with the media, to helped boost publicity.” Mr Heng retorted, in regards to his provenance for his idiosyncratic style of work.

Success does not come overnight, irrefutably. “Good workmanship requires good workers for the right job. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to procure such men, as it involves tedious work.” Mr Heng expounded. “Customers do have high expectations at times.”

Mr Heng eradicated all the obstacles by being devoted and committed to fulfill to customers’ aspirations; adhering to his main principal, Mr Heng had no hiccups satiating to his customers’ request at all times. Mr Heng also do personally superintend and scrutinize every single work to ensure utmost quality workmanship.

With such devotion and culmination, Benjeemen Heng I.D is at its niche; with a full gamut of clientele base, being able to proffer supreme dedication to customer service. “We would constantly work hard to sustain such quality work for the good of the public.” Mr Heng remarked upon his dedication, which is paramount to what makes Benjeemen Heng I.D prominent.

“The secret to success? There’s no secret at all. It’s all about yourself. Certainly, there are a couple of qualities in which a man needs to possess to succeed. Wisdom is one; a resolute determination. Never give up despite how arduous it is. Being passionate is another. If passion drives you, you would be more determined to succeed.” Mr Heng interposed, when ask upon his secret to success.

“Take pride in your work. Be happy with what you do. Success would come that way.” Mr Heng added, espousing young people who wants to start their own business.

“I am certainly glad to had came so far in the industry. I felt much obliged. I had helped many home owners create their ‘dream home,’ adhering to the principal of incorporating their personal lifestyle. Their satisfaction is my pride.” Mr Heng concluded.

With such an assiduous and pugilistic man at its fore, Benjeemen Heng I.D would spawn greater limits.

Contact Details:
12 Eu Tong Sen Street #04-170
Soho2@The Central S(059819)
T| 6221 0688
F| 6221 0788


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