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Mr. Felix Tan

Inaugurated in 1997, Unifor Construction Pte Ltd specializes in concrete and structural repairing works. Specifically, their services include crack repair, concrete cutting and coring, expansion joints, Polyurethane, cementitious and underwater epoxy grouting. At Unifor, they take utmost pride in their top-notch quality of workmanship, especially when it comes to specific works of concrete repair and waterproofing systems. Besides, Unifor is involved in mega infrastructure and construction of buildings, immersed tunnels, jetties, cut-and-cover tunnels as well as general civil works.

Having over three decades of experience in this particular field, Managing Director, Mr. Felix Tan, decided to start up his own business as he knew that it would be an ‘evergreen’ industry. Furthermore, it has always been his interest to develop technology that are innovative, which would be able to reap the fruits of long-term rewards.

For Mr. Tan, a typical working day includes working long and irregular hours, depending on the projects he takes up. Additionally, he shared that he would personally visit the relevant project sites to oversee its progress, assist and give feedback to his employees. Mr. Tan also revealed that there are several circumstances when he needed to stay at the work site overnight to complete the day’s task. This clearly displays his commitment and dedication in making sure that everything will go as smoothly as possible.

Like any other business that suffered during the early days of business, starting up Unifor was not easy for Mr. Tan. First, he had to develop original products before going onto a global scale. He proceeded by conducting his research, testing and troubleshooting his own products before launching them into the market. Nevertheless, the time and hard work that Mr. Tan had put in has paid off. Today, Unifor is the only company in Singapore that holds a system that they can call their own.

Looking back on the company’s challenges, Mr. Tan reflected that the only way they managed to overcome their difficulties was to be patient in establishing themselves as a trusted company. They also had to build trust with their customers so that eventually, with their support, Unifor would be able to clinch more projects through recommendations.

He believes that Unifor is different from the companies in not just Japan, but around the world. He points out that the distinguishing feature of his business is his unique system and the fact that they are constantly developing new ideas, methods and products.

Unifor’s efforts to strive for excellence in their services while competing with modern local and international construction industry had not been in vain. They have won the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Award for their innovative system. They were also involved in mega projects, not just in Singapore but also abroad. These projects are in countries such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia, Indonesia and even Belgium, showing that his system is able to work in various places.

Mr. Tan noted that his proudest achievements include the involvement of tunnel construction for Taiwan’s high-speed trains, as well as the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit project. Mr. Tan mentioned that getting involved in projects of prominence gives him the validation he seeks.

For the coming years, Mr. Tan divulged that he has many dispositions in store for his company. Internally, he would like to train his manpower with the new technology which is rapidly developing. Mr. Tan also wants to have more business in America and Europe. He stated that he intends to venture into China’s market, introducing his updated products which are of fine quality.

To Mr. Tan, entrepreneurship is about knowing the way to develop, achieving results and opening markets around the world. He gets his motivation and inspirations from his personal ambition, drive and passions. The advice he gives to young and potential entrepreneurs as a form of encouragement is to be confident in coming up with innovative ideas. Mr. Tan further added that a successful business person must always provide quality service in order to build positive relationships with their clients.

Like a gem is not polished without being rubbed, neither is a man perfected without trials and testing. Mr. Tan is a man who has thrived in the face of adversity and continues to do so. With such a leader at the fore, Unifor Construction Pte Ltd will indeed continue to excel.

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