Reputable Consultancy & Management Services Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Raymond Ong

Reputable Consultancy & Management Services was founded by Mr Ong Teo Chong in year 2000 and was converted to Private Limited in year 2003. Its aims are to continuously strive to provide quality manpower and satisfaction to their clients, and also to be one of the leading recruitment companies for the supply of healthcare professionals.

Reputable Consultancy & Management Services’ mission is to be dedicated to employing the most qualified healthcare professionals who are competent, motivated and reliable in deliver excellent patient care services adapted to meet clients need.

Despite the fact that Mr Ong did not have any professional training in this industry, his many years of civil service work has enable him to learn and gain experiences in both the realm of health care services as well as human resource skill. This was also where he started to develop an interest in interviewing and recruiting people. His realization that few young Singaporean are willing to take up tedious health care related work in today’s society, as well as the fact that Singapore is an increasingly greying society prompted him to set up his own employment agency in an attempt to help the Singapore medical industry fill the manpower vacuum.

“After establishing the company, it was a struggle in the beginning, especially in terms of our finances.” Mr Ong continued “for the first 6 months, we were running at a loss.” The toughest hurdle was in securing clients. This is not an easy task, as most of the clients we approached already had existing Employment Agents serving them.” Mr Ong reminisced. Keeping in mind his goals and wanting to impact people lives, Mr Ong faced his problem head on. “We cling on to our clients by visiting and calling up the organizations, knowing that nothing is impossible! We also advertise our company’s services through letters, letting organization know what services we are providing. All our hard work was no in vain, as very soon a few organizations started contacting us and partnership was formed.” Mr Ong said beaming with pride.

In order to differentiate our business with our competitors, Reputable Consultancy & Management Services always scrutinize every candidate and emphasizes the policy of placing the right person for the right job. They at all times maintain an excellent service by being efficient, reliable and responsive to all our clients’ needs. These practices have enabled clients to gain trust and confidence in our company for long term business dealings. “Since our inception to date, we have recruited over 2000 foreign healthcare workers; most of whom are serving as nurses. Many of them have made Singapore their home and continue contributing to the needs of Singaporean’s demand for nurses. I feel that we have helped Singapore to at least fill the gap for the shortfall of nursing staff and satisfaction is beyond what I can use word to describe.”

“Entrepreneurship is to be able to plan and steer your company to greater heights and success, through honest and ethical means” Mr Ong replied when asked on what entrepreneurship means to him. On giving advice to young budding entrepreneurs, Mr Ong advocates that “a person need to be patient, honest and trustworthy in his business dealings with clients and associates, in order to gain their respect.”

Just like the company name Reputable Consultancy & Management Services, Mr Ong wants the company to be reputable in the industry for their reliability, efficient and responsiveness. “I foresee that there is a growing demand for Healthcare workers in Singapore over the next 5 to 10 years due to our ageing population. I anticipate that more Elderly and Nursing Homes will be required to cater for our ageing population. As the demand increase, we will similarly expand to cater to the increasing demand.”

With such an assiduous and pugilistic man at its fore, Reputable Consultancy & Management Services will surely spawn greater limits.

Contact Details:
Balestier Plaza #02-27, 400 Balestier Road
T| 6251 3602
F| 6251 3802

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