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Mr. Ang Cheng Lam

“You need a reliable salon management system.” – This is what stated on the cover of their catalog, BeauteSoft is a Salon Management System by SEQUOIA-ASIA group.

Depending on the type of your business, software products aids in achieving certain goals.  However, it is not easy to choose a software solution that perfectly matches the business structure and workflow conditions.

Hence, the first step is deciding on the areas of business that requires a suitable software, such as back office accounting tasks, staff work schedules, sales and work commission as well as performance evaluation and inventory control. This also includes front desk customer service records, appointment book and customer accounting.

Founded in 2002 by Mr. Ang Cheng Lam, Sequoia Pte Ltd is a notable service provider of choice for total integrated CRM solutions focusing on beauty and lifestyle services. Their software provides essential functionalities, possessing the ability to handle daily operations in areas such as, point of sales, customer accounting, appointment book, treatment and diagnosis management, inventory control of cabin and retail products, management reports as well as commission and attendance of employees.

With this solution, Sequoia-Asia aims to equip Salon owners with both cutting edge tool as well as business intelligence for better control in their day-to-day salon operations at any occasion.

Encountering impediments when commencing a business is part and parcel of life. As expected, there are always things beyond human control. Mr. Ang stated that it was difficult to bring in customers as a newly-established company. Since customers and products come together hand in hand, Sequoia-Asia focused on developing quality products for their clients

Mr. Ang shared with us, “If you create high quality products, you can solve your customer’s ‘problems’.” This enhances the company’s reputation as they have proven their worth through its excellent quality and standards. Besides, Mr. Ang also mentioned his pride and joy derived from Sequoia-Asia’s success. Today, Sequoia-Asia has achieved a small name in the beauty industry through much publicity in participating in major regional beauty trade shows and exhibitions. Including Cosmobeaute Asia, Beauty Professional, Beauty Expo and PhilBeauty, just to name a few.

What make Sequoia exclusive from the pack is its experience over the years working in the beauty industry and their understanding of the lingo in this field.

“We learnt from every salon owner during our initial demonstration and implementation when they became our user. Each encounter is a valuable lesson, I deeply appreciated their honesty in sharing their issues and difficulties that propelled us to enhance our solutions to the next level.”  Mr. Ang stated.

Shedding light on how to be a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Ang emphasized that being decisive is vital. Entrepreneurs need to make decisions when encountering certain situations.  He added, “If things does not work or turn out well, we can always step back and review on what is the most suitable approach to take.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, always persist and move on”.

Mr. Ang is also thrilled in sharing Sequoia’s expansion plans. In the near future, he is aiming to venture into the Philippines market due to its language and market size.  This allows the company to flourish globally by reaching out to more prospects within the region. With strong determination and persistence, Sequoia will definitely excel in the beauty industry with the cutting edge CRM system – BeauteSoft.

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