Global Hydraulics Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. TH Sim
Mr. N.S. Kumar

As quality revolution enters, demand by customers for products and services of progressively higher quality accelerate, therefore growing number of companies implementing quality improvement has reinforced such expectations. So, How did Global Hydraulics Pte Ltd stand out from the other companies? Global Hydraulics Pte Ltd team believe that it is no longer just providing good service, providing a complete package which thrives on safety, quality and competitive solutions, in order to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Global Hydraulics Pte Ltd started in year 2008, founded by TH Sim /N.S Kumar / CH Lee. With knowledge and skills learned from experiences, they continued to build on and developed it, to help kick start their business. Global Hydraulics Pte Ltd is a one-stop service center catering to all Hydraulics / Pneumatics / Electrical / Mechanical troubleshooting, repair and servicing needs for Marine & Offshore Deck Hydraulic Equipment, Industrial Hydraulic Equipments and Electro-Pneumatic Control System.

Initiating life of starting the business wasn’t easy, as many were unsure if they were able to provide the standard they promise to the customer. However, with preservation they pulled through and proved that they are capable to face the challenges. With the good head start, they continued to charge towards their dream. Challenges were encountered in their journey; common problems were seen. “Lack of manpower, recruiting the right person for the right job and competing companies in the same industry are few of the problems we faced.” N.S Kumar ruminated. “It wasn’t easy, but as a team we never gave up and seeked advices from others and came out with the solution to tackle the problem.” Though trial and errors, they learned that in order to satisfy the customer they must first satisfy their employee. They provide good salary, training for their staff, providing good welfare, good facility, bonuses and increment.

“The happier your employees are the happier your customers are, and never the other way around!” – Phil Gerbyshak. It led to better quality services provided for the customer, and worked efficiently, which brought about the competitive pricing. With all the solutions, it turned the tables around, as initially being a problem it became their strength that differentiated their business from their competitors. They even went an extra mile by providing 24 hours services which enabled the company to provide more efficient services at any point of time.
“In entrepreneurship, the key is to place others in front of oneself.” a pragmatic remarked by Mr Kumar. Hard work, sincere efforts, quality work, competitive price leads to more business opportunities and opens doors for more growth. “For young people out there who dream to be an entrepreneur, be sincere in what you are doing and be committed once you set your mind.” Mr. Kumar indicated. “It’s never easy, but with hard work, knowledge and resources, you will be on the right track to success.”

Over the years, friends, relatives, colleagues and people who help out in their business have been their perpetual inspiration and motivation. “Honesty and sincere gestures from the others impacted us and kept us striving” mentioned Mr. Kumar. “Without their constructive feedback and continuous support we won’t be who we are today” Mr. Kumar continued.

As stated in the name of the company Global Hydraulics Pte Ltd, they want to grow and expand their business globally. “We are looking into big expansions, with more trading partners and we hope to triple the current staff’s strength within few years” N.S Kumar heralded with passion. Multiplying the yearly sales target and on-going development on the quality and services are the main goals of the business.

Contact Details:
110 Neythal Road
T| 6265 0126
F| 6265 6052

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