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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Selva

Very often, companies are always looking for the right person with the right job skills. So, employing the right person for your small business may be an essential part of your business venture. An effective recruitment and selection process reduces turnover. Interviews and background checks further assure that we hire a reliable candidate who is able to carry out the objectives we planned for providing quality services and goods to our customers.

Initiated in 1996, Labour Vision is one such notable employment agency located in Singapore, dealing with staff recruitment, research and selection. The company provides its service to both the white and blue-collar sector.

Founder of Labour Vision, Mr. Selva explained his reasons for choosing to enter this profession. He shared that this particular industry is a niche, and he could see a lot of prospect in it. There was a huge demand back then. Eventually, he grabbed hold of this rare opportunity and made full use of it. Therefore, he came to a final decision to start in this trade, starting off with just a small company like Labour Vision.

However, the company was confronted with a dire start. Despite how efficacious Labour Vision is, it was a name unknown to many local Singaporeans back in those days. He elaborates, saying that as he did not have a form of benchmark or guide to look up to back then, he had to work things out on his own, figuring out ways to serve his clients and getting the job done successfully. He believes in hard work and that business needs a personal touch. He said that by combining these two factors, success would prevail at the end of the day. This ceaseless attitude in learning enabled him to get over these hitches with no fiascos.

In his opinion, Labour Vision started off as a small company many years back. Throughout this journey, it has made huge progress, with the company setting up their own office. Adding on, there is also a great increase in manpower, thus enabling Labour Vision to be more efficient and productive. He mentions that such achievements have given him a sense of accomplishment, encouraging him work harder to improve the company’s performance.

What distinguished Labour Vision from the others is the comprehensive services it offers. Upon understanding the needs and requirements of customers, the company offers different solutions to each and every single one of them. This allows Labour Vision to prepare clients in advance about the kind of changes and implementations they will be expecting to see. Moreover, he and his team believe in the importance of quality service. As a result, most of their clients appreciate the company’s hard work. Hence, they have been choosing to work with Labour Vision for a long period of time.

Reflecting on the makings of a successful entrepreneur, he states, “If you are passionate about what it is you do, you are definitely going to be looking for everything you can to get better at it. This is the part where you need to think out of the box and be different from the rest.” He added that every individual needs to be constantly learning new things, gaining new knowledge. Sometimes, it simply just requires us to accept our mistakes and learn how to improve from where we are. To him, successful entrepreneurs are those who are willing to share knowledge and experience with their employees, encouraging everyone to learn from one another.

Divulging some expansion plans for Labour Vision. He explicated he has intentions to expand the business to a vaster part of the world, bringing in more projects and clients for the company.

It comes as no surprise that Labour Vision is still going strong after close to twenty years. Their success can be attributed to teamwork, perseverance, and a dedication to give back to the society. These qualities will also be the driving force behind more of Labour Vision’s success in the long run.

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