Shun Lee Lai Pte Ltd

sllName of Recipient:
Mr. Lam Wee Liang
Mr. Lim Chee Kok

Shun Lee Lai Pte Ltd, incorporated in 2013, is a professional construction engineering firm. Owned and managed by Mr. Lam Wee Liang and Mr. Lim Chee Kok, the company has established a prominent name for itself within its industry. Specializing in fire electrical and mechanical engineering, the company provides various services to industrial, commercial and residential institutions.

Initially, Shun Lee Lai only had two directors managing the operations. Since then, it has grown to a staff size of more than 18, allowing them to handle more projects. Mr. Lam expressed that it was his interest and passion in this particular industry that led him to start his own business. He added that being his own boss has given him the freedom to apply what he had learned during his school days and execute directions effectively.

Throughout the years, the company has reached several milestones, received a multitude of commendable feedback and was successfully certified with bizSAFE at level 3. Today, Shun Lee Lai stands as a proud recipient of the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award. On top of that, the corporation is also one of the Singapore Entrepreneurs’ Award winner for the year 2014 and 2015. Their success speaks for its remarkable performance and ability to reach greater heights.

Albeit their victory, Mr. Lam shared that starting a business is no bed of roses. When Shun Lee Lai first started its operations, the company met numerous challenges. First of all, the company was short-handed as there were only a few employees to work on the many projects that they have. To add on, it was difficult to acquire foreigners due to Singapore’s tight foreign labour policy. Thus, Mr. Lam had to stretch himself to ensure that projects are completed on time, which resulted him to ‘start work early and end work late’.

During the recent economic downturn, it has also hurt the entire construction industry adversely, including Shun Lee Lai. To make things worse, some clients even delayed making payment, affecting the business flow. As a result, Mr. Lam had to constantly come up with new ideas and plans to boost its profits. “We will always have to find new alternatives and solutions to overcome the tough times,” said Mr. Lam.

With Mr. Lam’s determination to shine and the team’s strong spirit, they worked towards the same goal of making Shun Lee Lai one of the best in the market. When asked what sets them apart from the other industry players, Mr. Lam articulated that the company’s team is young and full of energy, unlike others. Additionally, the corporation follows closely to the latest trends and adopts them. Also, the directors of the company ensure that they are in line with the government guidelines and that everyone at work is productive.

Being in this industry for years, Mr. Lam disclosed that he has greater plans in store for Shun Lee Lai. Above all plans, he hopes to increase productivity and enhance their customer service to their clients. At the moment, the company is able to accomplish turn key projects ahead of schedule. Mr. Lam wishes for his team to continue such progress, which he feels is the most important for the company.

After being an entrepreneur, Mr. Lam agreed that he has learned a lot. To him, entrepreneurship means making sacrifices along the way to achieve more for the future. He also mentioned that forming his own business has given him a great sense of belonging and satisfaction. In Mr. Lam’s opinion, he feels that aspiring entrepreneurs should be ethical when at work and honour his or her words.

Shun Lee Lai has gone through many faces of adversity but have made it big today. Truly, with hard work and perseverance, comes the fruit of your labour. In time to come, the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise award may just be one of the multiple awards that the company may successfully attain. Until then, we are sure that Shun Lee Lai will continue to take on larger projects and continue to prosper.
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